Jenni and Nick

Where to Propose in Lake Tahoe

How We Met

My fiance and I met in 4th grade at Deerwood Elementary. I instantly had a crush on him – one that never went away – and was so “in love” with him that I put a heart around his yearbook photo! We attended all of the elementary, middle, and high school together – we even “dated” (if you can even call it that) for a whole week in high school. I broke up with him over MySpace because he texted me “LY” (love you) and it completely freaked me out lol. We both went off to different colleges after high school, but still remained friends. There was one small moment during that time that we rekindled our fling, but that didn’t last long, as we headed in different directions once again. A few years later, we reconnected again and found that our feelings for each other still remained. We realized that both of us had to go through a little more life before we were ready for each other, which is why it hadn’t worked out before. But God brought us back together at the right time – exactly when we needed and were truly ready to be what the other deserved. We went on our first official date as grown-ups (lol) on September 22nd of 2017 and it was the start of this amazing journey that I am blessed to be on with the man of my dreams.

How They Asked

We had talked in length about getting married, as it’s what we both wanted, with each other. I knew he was going to propose at some point this year because we wanted to plan an October 2020 wedding, I just wasn’t sure when or how. We went on a trip to Lake Tahoe with his family in August. It’s a special place for them and I had an inkling that he would be proposing, but quickly dismissed the idea because it felt too cliche. I was right, though! But he completely took me by surprise and I didn’t see it coming. He had set up a reservation for dinner at one of the nicest restaurants in the area – Edgewood Tahoe. Our view was one of the sun setting over the lake and it was spectacular. Our food was divine, the drinks were delicious, and our conversation about our future was promising. After our dessert, he suddenly got up, walked around the table and pulled out the chair next to me. In the next few seconds, he grabbed a box from his pocket, got down on one knee, and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

It was all a blur and I wasn’t sure what was happening right away, but obviously, I said yes and put the ring on my finger! It didn’t hit me until a man dining next to us asked if he could take our picture. He had us recreate the scene and that’s when I really realized that “HOLY SH!T, HE JUST PROPOSED AND WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!” Cue the happy tears and laughter. We were brought two glasses of champagne and were told it was complements of the couple behind us. They told us that they were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, and when they were our age, a couple had done the same thing for them, so they wanted to pass it on. Best glass of champagne I’ve ever had. That entire moment was complete and utter bliss, and I’m still in awe that I get to marry my best friend. My childhood love. 8/12/19 will forever be one of my favorite days in the history of ever! Yay love!

On a side note: I learned that the center stone of the custom ring he designed for me using the family jeweler belonged to his grandmother. She set aside three diamonds for him, his brother, and his sister for when each was ready to get married. So now I, his sister, and sister-in-law all have the same diamond in our rings, and it makes it that much more special!