Jenni and Adam

Image 2 of Jenni and AdamHow We Met: It all started a little over a year and a half ago, in the springtime, after I had had a series of bad dates, bad set ups, bad blind dates…you name it, I’d been on that bad date. So I had decided to take a little break from dating and live a single life for a while. My best friend, Abbey, had other plans though!

She decided to go onto my disabled account and take matters into her own hands. So one night Abbey Image 1 of Jenni and Adamcame over to my place for a fun girls night of wine and dinner and she pulled up my computer and decided to tell me what she’d been up to on my account! I started looking at some of the profiles that she had “winked” at, and I came across one that actually struck my eye. Without paying for, you can only see pictures and read someone’s profile, but you can’t read any messages a person sends unless you pay for a subscription. So since Adam had intrigued me and I really wanted to read the e-mail he’d sent me, I decided what the heck, I’ll pay the $34 for one month, just to read the e-mail, what was the worst that could happen! Soon, we began exchanging multiple e-mails, introducing ourselves, talking about our likes and dislikes, and then Adam decided we should meet.

He arranged for a date at a restaurant in downtown Minneapolis called Solera. We met for a drink, both nervous to meet each other, but after talking for a while it became comfortable, and we ended up talking until past midnight. Adam, being the gentleman that he is, walked me to my car, which was parked down a few blocks, to say goodnight. As we were saying goodbye at my car, a random homeless guy walked up to us and without saying anything else said “You guys should get married!” And instead of running, Adam made it into a joke and from there a second date was set! And as you can tell, the homeless man was right…

The Proposal: It was a Friday night. I was about to go to Las Vegas for 10 days the next day for work and we had decided to have a “date night” before I left. We had plans to go to dinner at Sakura in downtown St. Paul and then take a walk through Rice Park to see the lights (something we had done the year before), so I really thought nothing of it. We went to dinner at Sakura around 7pm, during which I started talking to Adam about getting married (probably rather annoyingly). Adam very conspicuously just played along with what I was saying, not leading into what was about to happen later at all.

After dinner, Adam suggested we take a walk through the lights at Rice Park and perhaps go ice skating. As we were walking through the lights, we ended up at the big Christmas tree in the middle (I love Christmas!)… Right then in the middle of all the gorgeous lights, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Image 3 of Jenni and Adam

Image 4 of Jenni and Adam

All the while, Adam had hired a photographer to be hiding and taking pictures of the whole thing. As I said “yes”, Adam brought out my family, his family and my best friend who had also been hiding across the street watching the whole thing! It was definitely a night to remember!

Photos by Leah Maria Photography