Jenna and Kyle

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How We Met

I always joke that I met Kyle long before he ever met me. On my first day of classes in college, he sat in front of me in math. How could I not admire such a handsome classmate? However, weeks went by and he would always skateboard out of class faster than I could say hi. Later I went to a bile study on campus and I couldn’t believe it, but he was there and we got to meet me officially. That started a two-year friendship that I’m so thankful for now. We saw every part of each other- the silliness, the weird sense of humor (and awful dance moves) and when the timing was right for both of us, asked me to coffee. Because of our history it was a pretty easy transition into falling in love. So I guess the moral of our story is if you stalk the cute boy in math class, he’ll eventually propose.

how they asked

Mount Soledad in La Jolla has always been my special place. From the first time I went up there when I was young to the times I would escape college classes and drive up there to think, it’s been a beautiful escape I hold close to my heart. From the top I can see all of San Diego; the neighborhoods I’ve lived in, the beached I frequent, the backdrops to all my life’s adventures.

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The first time I went up to the top with Kyle was when I really learned that our favorite things become even better when we share them with people we love. When he told me our dinner reservation in La Jolla was a little later and we had some time to kill, he mentioned driving up the mountain to enjoy the view. Being my favorite place in the world, I accepted and thought nothing about it; these spontaneous moves have always been a signature element in our relationship. Plus he was acting so calm!!

We were talking about Netflix murder mysteries the whole drive there- I can’t think of anything less romantic haha. I was definitely ignorant to the whole plan. When we got to the top he was leading me to a bench overlooking the ocean and when another couple snagged it, I thought it was weird that he got a little mad but I guess I just thought he wanted a nice ocean view. So he lead me to another bench and we sat there for a few minutes before he reached into his pocket.

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I made a joke about how I thought he was reaching for a ring box but he rolled his eyes and gave me a note so then I definitely didn’t think anything was happening; however, at the bottom of the (sweetest) note ever, it read “when you’re done reading this look up” and that’s when I began to feel something was up. I quickly read over the note- barely able to comprehend it and looked at his now nervous face. He asked me to stand up and from that point on- through his sweet speech and him getting on one knee I basically blacked out but luckily remember him asking me those sweet words “will you marry me?”

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After saying YES!!!! and going crazy over the ring (ahhhh) I heard some camera shutters and looked over to see our friend Philip taking photos. I was relieved that someone was capturing our moment and then double relieved because Philip is an INCREDIBLE photographer. I’m so thankful to have a fiance who planned everything out so well and will treasure the note he wrote me and the photos form that day forever. We sat in the car calling all of our loved ones before we made it to that late dinner reservation. I can’t wait to marry my best friend!!

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Special Thanks

Philip Tran
 | Photographer
David Levi and Sons
 | Ring Designer