Jenna and Kevin's Central Park Proposal

Image 1 of Jenna and Kevin's Central Park ProposalHow We Met: Kevin and I met on a rainy high school field trip to Ellis Island New York. Our relationship started two months later the day after my 17th birthday. He is my absolute best friend and partner in life. We have made it through high school graduation and four years of college (4 1/2 for Kev) and are still in love! But our favorite place in the world is New York City.

how they asked: On the morning of Febuary 21, 2015 I thought we were going to the most beautiful city in the world to see my favorite movie come to life on Broadway (Aladdin). Little did I know he had other plans for us. We arrived in the city around noon time. During the day we were supposed to take a scavenger hunt around the city to learn new facts and see different sights. Towards the end of the scavenger hunt we ended up in the beautiful snowy Central Park. We took pictures and walked around looking for our clues. Then it started to snow. As our hunt was ending we landed at the “Bow” bridge. Near the bridge is a pavilion where lovers carve their names in the wood and say they will be together forever. So we walked in and decided to take a selfie with the bow bridge in the background. As Kevin was fumbling with his phone so we could get the perfect selfie I saw something in the background as I turned around I saw umbrellas saying “Marry Me?” and the next thing I knew the man I have loved since I was 17 was on one knee asking me to spend my life with him, I immediately said yes.

Image 2 of Jenna and Kevin's Central Park Proposal

Then I heard cheers from the bridge and it turns out that hiding behind the umbrellas was our amazing family who drove to our favorite place early in the morning to share in our exciting day. I was completely shocked and overwhelmed with emotion. I could not be happier that my family and my future in-laws were there for one of the biggest days in our lives. I am so excited to marry my high school sweetheart and can not wait to start planning for the day we become Mr. and Mrs. Bowes!

Image 3 of Jenna and Kevin's Central Park Proposal