Jenna and Joseph

How We Met: I guess you can say it’s kind of cliché now a days to say you’ve met someone off online dating.. In a sense, I guess you can say that’s how it went.. Joseph first started following me on social media back in 2012, and quite honestly I paid him no mind. As time went on..I noticed he shared the same love for the Raiders and clicked to follow.. Next to my surprise, he had a girlfriend. After some odd months, drama arose in my personal life which led to me deleting all social media everywhere.. Eventually I made another page, and we soon followed each other again. This time around, I had an interest.. There was something different.. But I mean what football player would like a girl like me? Long story short, things didn’t work out between Joseph and his past fling…a direct message and numbers exchanged..for a meet and greet at Jamba Juice, and that’s where our love story began.

Image 2 of Jenna and Joseph

Image 1 of Jenna and Joseph

how they asked: We love getting away for the day.. So we planned a trip to Monterey. Just a day to enjoy the weather, grab a bite to eat at our fav spot (El Toritos) on the water, and drink some wine. The day went as usual, it felt so romantical.. We were strolling along Cannery Row, walked by the aquarium..looked at some starfish in the ocean..Joseph letting me hold his arm tightly.. Then as we continued to walk, I was asked, “Jennifer, daughter of Michael and you love me?” — I answered, “Yes.” And we continued to walk. We kept on walking, passing up shops until we came closer to a beachy area, same question came up, “Jennifer, daughter of Michael and Bernie Hopkins…do you love me?” My reply, “Yesssss Joseph.” We walked a bit down to sit on some rocks, I knew Jo didn’t want to get his shoes full of sand, but he said..“We came all the way out here, might as well go down by the water.” I as usual, got super excited as we walked to find a nice spot to stand and watch the ocean. Joseph then asked me again, “Jennifer, daughter of Michael and Bernie, do you love me? Are you ready to move with me?” My reply, “Yes…” Joseph, “We’ve got a lot of things to be excited for and to celebrate this year..but there’s one important thing I’ve got to ask you first..” And then he let go of me and got on one knee in front of me to ask, “Will you Marry Me?” Ohhhhh, I burst into tears and said, “Yes, yessss, yes I will marry you!”

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Image 4 of Jenna and Joseph