Jenna and Jeremy

Image 1 of Jenna and Jeremy

How We Met – his side

It all started on February 2nd, 2014 (Super Bowl Sunday) at Innovation Church on the campus of the University of Central Florida. We were encouraged to simply greet the people around us…not to marry them! Anyway, Jenna approached me wearing a pretty, turquoise dress and a sweet smile. She introduced herself and told me that she had seen me recently at YoungLife (the ministry club that we both attended), but I had never seen her before! I went home that day and jokingly told some of my family and friends, “So, I met this girl today.” Who knew I would be marrying her a few years later! The next time I saw her at church, she was with two friends. It was 3 to 1, and I was outnumbered. But something told me to stand up, walk over, and sit by her. I greeted her by name (only to later find out that she didn’t remember mine) and asked if I could sit with her. After service, she invited me to another church event that she was attending that night. I played hard-to-get and gave her a “possibly” along with my phone number, but didn’t get hers. We ended up texting for a couple days and then had our 1st date. Our 1st date was 11 hours long!!!!! And the rest was history!!!

how they asked – her side

We were flying to Pittsburgh for a ski trip and New Years. Jeremy took the ring with him hoping there would be a good time while in Pennsylvania. He actually kept the ring in his ski jacket pocket, in the box, the entire week. He was quite worried that I would find it somehow so he tried to keep it away from me and not hug me too tightly lol. He had considered asking me on top of the ski mountain or on the lift or something because thats pretty cool! But, he really wanted to be alone so it was personal and intimate without anyone else around. But, he also wanted to document it the best that he could. So, with lots of family around, there was never a great time. So he waited until we went back to his grandparents house in Pittsburgh. It was a beautiful, sunny day and He wanted to make the move! He borrowed the car and drove us to a really pretty park with gardens and gazebos just a mile from the grandparents. He played our favorite song, “Something Beautiful” by NeedToBreathe and began reminiscing on our time spent together. He walked us over to the gazebo and while we were kissing, He pulled the box out of his pocket and got down on one knee. He said a few more adorable words and then asked! I literally almost fell backward. Haha. He told me he had called my parents while on the trip to ask for permission. We were both very emotional, excited, and I gladly said yes!!

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