Jenna and Zachary

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How We Met

Zach and I met three years ago in Centennial, CO. It was lightly raining outside in the first part of September and I decided I needed new windshield wipers. I stopped at an auto part store near Zach’s work and began looking for the wipers. Zach was down the same isle buying windshield wiper fluid and asked if I needed help. I decided to let him help me as I had no idea what I was looking for (he didn’t even work there!). After he helped me find the right windshield wipers, we then went to the counter to pay. We had our items separated but the cashier automatically thought we were together, I assured her we weren’t! After I paid, Zach asked if he could put my windshield wipers on for me and I said “Sure…” I wasn’t sure how I felt about him just yet! As he put the windshield wipers on my car, we were making small talk and before we said good-bye, Zach asked if he could take me out to dinner sometime. We exchanged numbers and a week later, went out to dinner. Little did I know that was my last first date. He picked me up on my front door step, had flowers and was wearing a blue suit. I was so impressed! Our first date went on and on and we went out every night that week. It was definitely fate and I couldn’t be more thankful that I stopped to buy windshield wipers that September day!

how they asked

Zach started the day by having his mom take me to get our nails done the morning of June 24th (pedicure and manicure) for which I thought was for my birthday which was on June 27th. We then went to lunch, just his mom and I. After, I returned home and was told to get ready because we had plans at 4:00pm. As we left the house, I still had no idea where we were going. We arrived at the private airport; Centennial Airport where we met with a pilot outside, next to a 4 seater Cessna plane.

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We got inside the plane, I sat in front and Zach was in back and we cruised around Denver. As we were making our way back to the airport, we flew over Elizabeth, Colorado where Zach’s mom lives and has acreage. I started to say “Wow we are really close to your moms house” and as we flew closer, I saw orange and purple on the ground. The pilot slowed down the plane, dropped in elevation and as I looked out the window I saw “Will You Marry Me” in the field below me. I turned around and Zach was on one knee in the back of the plane and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes!!! I can’t wait to start this journey with him. He nailed the proposal! We have decided on August 18, 2018 as our wedding date in Castle Pines, CO.

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