Jenna and Zach

How We Met

In October 2017, I met my now fiancé at Bible study at my house. I was not there when Zach first came over so my mom sneaked a picture of him and sent it to me! I viewed the photo and I liked what I saw so I stayed home the next week to meet him. We met and progressively got to know each other. We had our first date on Christmas Eve of 2017 and continued to hang out in the new year. Then, in May 2018, Zach told me that he truly loved me and that I truly loved him. After that, we continued our wonderful relationship spending every possible moment together. By this time, five months had passed as we discussed engagement and our future life that we would spend together.

How They Asked

Then, on November 2, 2018, Zach was set to be meritoriously promoted to Sergeant of the Marine Corps. That day my family and his were there to celebrate with him on this special day. To continue, Zach had decided to get promoted on a CH-53 helicopter because his dad, a former Marine, had worked on them in his previous years of service. So that same day we all arrived, friends and family to support him.

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We all then gathered on the aircraft where the small ceremony took place. For the ceremony Zach marched from the cockpit to the ramp where he was meritoriously promoted to Sergeant of the Marine Corps. Afterward, he gave an inspirational speech and then proceeded to march back to the cockpit to end the ceremony.

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But, as he was marching he stopped directly in front of me! Zach then turned to face me, greeted me and then grabbed a ring box out of his pocket. He got down on one knee and whispered to me, Jenna Elizabeth, will you grow old with me? And I responded, “Absolutely.” At that moment I could not believe that I was going to be future Mrs. Dolan!

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