Jenna and Victor

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How We Met

I just had broken up with a guy from the city and needed a night out with my friends. It just so happens Victor and I were out at the same bars all night but did not meet until we both wound up under the golden arches for a late night happy meal. Yes we met at McDonalds! My friends and I were sitting in a booth, and they were feeling quite tipsy and starring at triplets (and yes he is an identical triplet!). We just couldn’t believe they all looked alike. Then, victor came over and sat down next to me. We chatted for a bit and exchanged numbers. After that, we spoke once on the phone and I never heard from him again. A year went by and i ended up running into him again at a bar with his brothers. I can tell the difference right away and my friend pointed out they were here. I was not in the mood to talk to him but he came over regardless and stayed by my side the whole night. He asked me out again and I decided to give him another chance. Seven years later and we still go to the same booth at the same Mcdonald’s for our anniversary to celebrate and to have a happy meal =)

how they asked

The date was December 30th in NYC. I remember like it was yesterday. Victor dropped me off at the train station so I can meet my friends for dinner in the city One of my friends was pregnant and had a family emergency. They were all in on the plan so she was upset couldn’t make it. I picked a place in hells kitchen so we could walk. Christine was able to make it after dinner and was at grand central. She said she was craving sweets and wanted to try the bakeshop victor and i always go to. I was like it is all the way down in Soho but how can i say no to a pregnant lady? So we made the trek all the way downtown.

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When i opened the door I see victor smiling at me. I asked him, ” what are you doing here?” He gets down on one knee and opens up a box reading marry me? on cupcakes. The whole bakeshop stops and celebrates as I say yes. My sister was in Australia at a tennis tournament and was lucky enough to catch her on Skype as she witnessed the whole thing.

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We have been going to the little cupcake bakeshop for years. After Victor said lets all get a drink! So we go down the block and I open the door and all of our friends, family and my two coworkers from CT were there! I was in shock! We celebrated all night with our loved ones and ended the night eating some new york pizza. I wouldn’t change it for the world! It was one of the sweetest gestures =)

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