Jenna and Tyler

How We Met

Growing up, we both lived in towns very close to each other. In fact, our parents have been friends with each other for a very long time. Our schools were in the same conference, so we most definitely saw each other at sporting events. Once we graduated, we both decided to go to schools across the state from each other. Our sophomore year, for different reasons, we both decided to transfer. We both ended up at the University of Iowa. It took moving 4 hours away from home to finally meet each other. Within 4 days of moving in, we had met.

Jenna's Proposal in Iowa Hawkeye Football Tailgate

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Jenna and Tyler's Engagement in Iowa Hawkeye Football Tailgate

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Our dorms were right across the street from each other, so there were many late nights spent watching the office and getting walked across the street back to my dorm room. But by the time Tyler would walk me to my dorm, we weren’t ready to say goodbye, so we would spend hours outside my dorm room door just talking. Our mutual love for the office started something beautiful. From there, we would do everything together. From helping each other study (Tyler saved my grade in math class, and I wrote a majority of his papers), working out, doing laundry, an most importantly going to every Hawkeye football game together. Our love has only grown from that first year together at the University of Iowa, and it will continue to grow.

Proposal Ideas Iowa Hawkeye Football Tailgate

How They Asked

After going to every Hawkeye football game together for two years, our Senior year Tyler had planned the perfect day. He had picked out the most beautiful ring the summer before we moved back, and he had gotten my dad’s permission to ask me to marry him. On the second game of the season, both of our parents were coming up to tailgate with us before the game. A lot of our friends were also coming up to come to the game. All of our friends knew because they were in on it. They had kept the secret for over a month. My roommate Marina, also had to make sure that I got my nails done ;) Although both of our dads’ knew that it was going to happen, they had no idea that it was happening that day.

Neither of our moms’ knew, so it was a big surprise! Both my sisters were there, and they had suspicions that it was happening that day. My sister’s fiancé also knew, and he said that Tyler was a nervous wreck, pacing back and forth and putting his hand in his pocket, just to make sure the ring was still there! Once both our families were there and all our friends, Tyler finally got me to come over to “take a picture” with him. When I had my back turned, he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. It was such a happy moment and we were so happy to spend it with all our friends and family. It was by far the happiest day of our lives.

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