Jenna and Travis

How We Met

They say timing is everything and for us, that’s very true. We grew up about 10 minutes away from each other with many mutual friends but somehow we never met until after college. Our paths came close to crossing many times. We attended some of the same high school parties, Jenna was close friends with one of Travis’s housemates in college (bridesmaid Jila) and attended a party at their home, Travis dated and visited a girl that went to the same college as Jenna and the list goes on.

One night Jenna went for an after-date drink at the local bar/high school reunion spot — Guido’s. While her date went to grab some drinks, Travis took his spot and struck up a conversation. A few weeks later Jenna was hitting the town with one of our mutual friends, Jila and we ran into Travis. Later that night Jenna, fully aware of the emptiness of her fridge and stomach, accepted an offer to join Travis and crew to Marry Ann’s for dinner. The connection was easy for us and apparently obvious to the rest of the group who commented loudly throughout the night.

How They Asked

After living in Arizona for nearly two years, we decided it was about time to visit the great state of California. Some of our friends were going for the weekend and we decided to join them and make a trip of it. First, we visited San Diego. I may have been a bit suspicious that something was up because Travis is typically not one to plan. He had the entire day laid out to see all of the sights, break for a nap and then hit the beach for sunset. Honestly, I was so nervous and anxious for him, or me in case I was way off base, that I had to get heartburn medicine that day. That evening we went to Belmont Park. First order of business was to play mini golf (which is what we did for our first date). We walked around the park several times and could not find the place anywhere. I suggested we Uber to a mini golf place away from the beach, but he was very adamant that we had to be at the beach for sunset. After a few phone calls and a lot of walking, we found it. He seemed relieved but a little annoyed it was getting late. We were behind two large groups of teenagers that were goofing off and slowing everyone else down. He was getting more frustrated as the sun went down. Finally, we were finished with the game and he suggested we still go for a walk even though the sunset was long gone. We walked along the beach for a long time…well over a mile. He stopped the first time, pulled me in and then kept walking. The third stop was the one where he got down on one knee and purposed. Then a dog ran up out of nowhere and I exclaimed, “You got me a dog too?!”

Special Thanks

Tialyn J Photography
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