Jenna and Stephen

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How We Met

Stephen and I met in dental school at the University of Florida’s College of Dentistry. At the time, Stephen was a senior dental student and I had just started as a freshman. I knew of him from his involvement with the Office of Admissions, since he was a Student Ambassador for the College. A few months later, we ran into each other in the hallway and what started as small talk, led to a thirty-minute conversation about each other’s lives. Tons of dental students were walking by, and it seemed like a time warp because I felt like I’d known Stephen my entire life. That day, I told Stephen that I was struggling in one of my hand-skills courses, and he immediately offered to help me.

Fast forward to about a week later, he kept his promise and spent hours with me in the simulation lab at our school. But, we only spent about an hour on school and the rest of the time, we spent deep in conversation again. We talked about religion, our families, our values and views on the world, and our dreams for the future. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to talk to him! I knew at that moment that Stephen was different – that he was a special person. We spent the next few months getting to know one another more and cherishing our time together. He made our relationship official on Christmas Break of 2015 and we’ve spent two beautiful years together making memories and building the foundation of our lives together. I still can’t believe I get to call this wonderful man my fiance and I can’t wait for our future together!

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how they asked

Stephen asked me if I wanted to go to Tomoka State Park with Carl and Sara, a couple we’re friends with, to watch the sunset and enjoy the river views. Having been there before with Stephen, I happily agreed. It’s a beautiful spot overlooking the water with an outpost that serves local beers and great food. Once we got there, we settled into a spot with a perfect sunset view. Meanwhile, Stephen left to “call Carl to let him know where we were, and grab some food for us at the outpost.” He comes back minutes later and asked me if I want to walk out onto the dock while we waited for our friends.

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I didn’t suspect anything until he pulled out a tiny box and proposed to me with the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. If that weren’t enough, I turn around to find that Stephen hired a photographer who was documenting our special moment! Sure enough, Carl and Sara were never part of the plan, but I will forever cherish the memories of our intimate engagement!

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Special Thanks

Leah Dorr
 | Photographer