Jenna and Scott

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How We Met

Scott and I were introduced through my cousin who was dating his good friend. I was living on the East Coast, so I had flown into Chicago for a quick family weekend. My cousin and I met up with Scott and some friends for drinks. I later found out that Scott went home and told his mom all about the girl he had met.

Flash forward a year and a few months later and we saw each other again. This time, Scott was preparing to move to Colorado and I was moving to Minnesota. We went out with our friends and ended up staying up all night talking. We exchanged numbers that day and he moved off to Colorado.

We kept in constant contact via text and FaceTime and about a month into talking we set a date for our first official date – in Illinois. He flew in from Colorado and I drove 500 miles from Minnesota. It was a perfect first date – the pumpkin patch with all of our friends and from that point on we knew. I moved to Illinois 6 months later and he moved back from Colorado right into my apartment 6 months after that – just in time for our one year anniversary. This year, we celebrated our two year anniversary, purchased our first home and our first puppy and got engaged.

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how they asked

My family does a trip in March each year to celebrate our birthdays. This year, we decided on Cancun, Mexico and the guest list was my mom and dad, brother Stephen and his girlfriend, Rachel, brother Jake and his girlfriend, Amber, myself and my boyfriend, Scott.

A few weeks prior to our departure, my mom starting talking about taking a family picture the first night – the last couple vacations we’ve been on, we’ve left without a group picture – so my suspicions weren’t aroused. Mom sent out the outfit requirements the week before – all neutrals.

We landed in Cancun, spent the day at the beach and then got ready for our family picture. My little brother, Stephen, is a budding photographer so he brought his equipment down to the beach. We took a few family shots and then mom suggested couples shots. My two brothers went first and then Scott and I lined up for ours.

The wind was really crazy down by the beach so my hair was everywhere. All of a sudden my brother, Jake, jumped into the frame to help me “get something out of my hair”. When I turned back to the camera, Scott was on his knee.

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I was so shocked, I yelled “What are you doing?”. Then he asked, and I said yes. The family all cheered and my dad had coordinated with the hotel to have champagne sent down to the beach so we could all celebrate. It was better than I could have imagined and having such amazing photographs of that special moment is more than I could have hoped for.

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Special Thanks

Stephen Hari
 | Photography