Jenna and Scott

How we Met: A completely arrogant and insanely handsome man furiously pushed his way over to the wine bar, and began chugging my champagne bottle to get my attention. Did I mention it was full?

Somehow, after meaningful conversation, I began to see how amazing this guy really was…then we danced the night away and the rest is history.

This picture above was taken by a photographer at a wedding that Scott and I attended last month.

To the photographer and our surprise, there were two hearts found in this photo. A little sign from up above :)

how they asked: I became Future Mrs. Johnson on April 3, 2015 when Scott asked me to be his wife in front of all our closest friends and family atop the peak of the High Roller in Las Vegas.

I’m so glad it went off without a hitch, because I almost stayed in the hotel bed that night, not feeling well from a stomachache. Something was telling me I needed to go out that night, so I did.

Let’s just say I felt 100% better after he proposed and I looked down at that shiny little box overlooking all of beautiful lit-up Las Vegas.

Image 1 of Jenna and Scott

I always thought I would know exactly what to say when it happened, and I even practiced my surprised face (LOL).

Image 2 of Jenna and Scott

But when it actually took place, I was so shocked I stood there without a word and Scott looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, “Are you going to say yes?” Of course I was, but I couldn’t believe what was happening!!

Image 3 of Jenna and Scott

I had dreamed about that day since we met. During this moment my Mom was screaming in the background because she had no idea about the plan (she had blown the first proposal plan :)) and Scott had asked for my Dad’s blessing the night before. It was a truly magical moment and I’m glad our families were a part of it.

Image 8 of Jenna and Scott

Image 4 of Jenna and Scott

Image 5 of Jenna and Scott

Image 6 of Jenna and Scott

Image 9 of Jenna and Scott

Image 7 of Jenna and Scott

We are going to get married on October 15, 2016.