Jenna and Sam

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How We Met

I’ve known of Sam for quite a while. I once went to a New Year’s Eve party with my older brother and met Sam there. I was 15 and he was 20. We mingled for a little bit and danced. Once it hit midnight, I was walking out towards the truck and I passed him. He stopped me and asked if I had had a new years kiss. I said “no” and said “Do you want one?” —smooth. But, he’s just got this charm about him. So we kissed. And I think that night is when I fell in love with Sam Lindsey. Fast forward a few years, I moved away and we lost contact. I kept up with him on social media but we never communicated. After five years away from home, I moved back home to South Georgia from North Carolina with my three year old, Elseigh. I ran into Sam at a Luke Bryan concert and all those feelings came rushing back of how much I liked him. He walked up, hugged me and said “long time, no see!” A few weeks after the concert, we went out on a date. NERVOUS. This was the man of my dreams. Someone that was always in the back of my mind. We laughed, giggled and drank a few too many Miller Lites. After that, not a day went by that he hasn’t made me the happiest I’ve ever been. He loves my little girl like she’s his and he is her best friend. They riot against me daily. ;)

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how they asked

Fast forward a few years, I am begging him to do family pictures together. I am a wedding photographer and so is my best friend so it was nothing crazy for us to be getting together for photos. Well the day came around, and we cancelled. I was unprepared and a hot mess. We rescheduled them for Saturday, July 15th. Well, on Saturday, it was flooding. I mean FLOODING. I was getting ready and finally said “should I just stop putting on makeup??” Sam said “I mean if we can’t do them, then it’s fine. No big deal, Jen.” I text my friend, Madison and told her that A. I was completely (still) unprepared and B. it was flooding. She checked the radar and said that she thought we should just do it. And even if it rained, we could just forgo pictures and grab supper somewhere. So with everyone dressed, which is a struggle with a three year old, we headed out the door.

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I was so excited to FINALLY have some decent shots with all three of us to hang in our home. We arrive to South Eden Plantation and immediately start shooting. Elseigh is running around like a crazy person so she was only in a few shots.

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We walk around a little and look for different places and then Sam was snuggled up behind me whispering how much he loved me in my ear.

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Then he grabs me by my shoulders, turns me around, reaches in his pocket and bends down on one knee. I said “Sam, what are you doing?!” Then he shakily says to me how thankful he is for me allowing him to be apart of mine and my daughters life and how proud he is of me.

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(I am uncontrollably sobbing at this point) I hadn’t even glanced at the ring until he asked me would I put it on and make him the happiest man in the world. I, without a doubt, said YES! Easiest yes I’ve ever said.

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I turned to my best friend and asked her if she knew and she looked like she had seen a ghost. She had no idea!!! She said she almost dropped her camera when she realized what was happening. Thankfully Seth, Madison’s boyfriend was there with us chasing Elseigh around when all of this went down.

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I am over the moon to be marrying my best friend. My only regret is not wearing waterproof mascara and eyeliner. ;)

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Special Thanks

Madison Carter
 | Photographer