Jenna and Nick

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How We Met

I first met Nick in my 6th grade science class, where we totally disliked each other (he disliked me because I was a quick note taker, and I wasn’t so sure about him because he wore wind pants every day – nerd!). As time went on, we became close friends and that developed into a major crush. Nick was different from the other boys, always so sweet, caring, and fun to be around. He didn’t care what the other guys thought. We started dating on February 22, 2004, and never stopped! Sure, we had a few ups and downs throughout high school and college but we never gave up on each other. Something inside me always told me to hold him close. Our families have grown so close over the past 12 years, especially when my dad passed away in 2013. His family took me in as one of their own, and helped me heal. Nick has been there for me since day one (good times and bad) and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! He still makes me laugh harder than anyone else, and can make any situation more fun just by being there. He’s truly my soul mate.

how they asked

In August, our friends asked Nick and I if we wanted to take a trip with them to Door County, WI to explore and hike. We agreed, but when the time came I didn’t really want to go since we had just moved and were so busy all summer. I just wanted to stay home and relax! He begged me to come, and eventually my stubborn self gave in and agreed to go. We enjoyed a great dinner and sunset on Friday night. Saturday, we woke up to a windy, rainy day. Everyone wanted to go hiking in Cave Point Park, but I was less than thrilled. I suggested we do something inside until the storm passed, but everyone insisted on a hike. I thought they were crazy! However, on what would have been my parents 28th anniversary, Nick took me to a beautiful park in Door County (where my parents honeymooned) and got down on one knee on a beautiful point overlooking Lake Michigan.

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I was shocked, but so excited and emotional! It was so special to me that Nick had planned this all to happen on my parents anniversary in the place they had honeymooned as a tribute to their love. Our friends hung back and captured the whole thing on their camera.

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After all the tears, excitement and “Are you for real?!” moments, our family and friends surprised us from all over the state for an awesome engagement party. It was truly the best day ever, but I keep telling myself the best is yet to come! I get to marry my best friend and soul mate :)

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