Jenna and Nicholas

Marriage Proposal Ideas in California

How We Met

We both attended Baylor University. I was a freshman and he was a junior. We had once seen each other at school after class in December and had a brief conversation about a test but thought nothing of it. Then one weekend in February I went back home (California) to visit my family for the weekend and nick went to California for the weekend to visit a friend. We were both in the Dallas Fort Worth Airpot waiting for our small plane to arrive to take us to Waco, where we both went to college. We made eye contact but we both weren’t sure if we knew each other. Later found out he knew exactly who I was. I got done with my conversation with a couple next to me as we were waiting for our plane to come in. I turned and asked if we had met before and then the conversation started rolling. We entered the plane a few minutes later and our seats happened to be right across the aisle. We found out we went to the same church and decided to attend mass together the following Wednesday. We hung out every single day since then until we left for summer break and the rest is history!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in California

how they asked

Nick and I were on Christmas break and he decided to fly out to California to visit me from Texas. I was studying abroad in Australia so I had not seen him for 5 weeks and that was way too long for us. I picked him up from the airport and we headed to my parents house out in the hills. We were hanging with my nieces and nephews for a couple hours. Then we decided to go on a gator ride before we went to dinner with my best friend and parents. We were on our way up the mountain that over looked the central coast of california with a beautiful ocean view. This was normal for us to visit this spot and had a special meaning in my heart and I realized after this is where he asked me to be his girlfriend over a cute dinner up there. As we drove up, I saw flower peddles and a photo of us framed and a vase of flowers. Nick is a romantic so I still was not sure if he was going to propose because he has done this sort of thing before for me up at the cross (there is a giant cross on top of the hill). As I got out of the gator barefoot in all I walked over. We stood together and he said two sentences neither of us remember and then he got down on his knee and pulled out the ring. I could not believe it and give him a huge hug. My sister, that was at parents house that is on the mountain over from where we were heard my scream! We sat on the bench for 15 minutes and talked and hugged. I loved how meaningful and personal the proposal was without anyone else their to witness it.This day so far has been the best day of my life.