Jenna and Mitch

How We Met

We meet in 2011 on a cruise to Mexico, hung out a few times during the cruise and near the end of the cruise exchanged numbers and lost contact over the years. Six years ago not knowing anyone Mitch moved to Destin, Fl and started his journey.

Proposal Ideas San Pedro, Belize

Engagement Proposal Ideas in San Pedro, Belize

Three years ago I moved to Destin not knowing anyone. A year passed and LinkedIn remind me to wish Mitch a happy Work anniversary; which, I did and he responded let’s grab a drink sometime.

We met up for that drink and little did I know my life would change. ?❤️

Jenna and Mitch's Engagement in San Pedro, Belize

how they asked

The proposal happened in San Pedro, Belize scuba diving 50-60ft in an area called the love tunnel. He private-chartered a boat Used Belize’s slow months as to why we were diving alone.

He normally has issues equalizing his ears so he acted like he was having trouble, so I went ahead with another partner who in term was videoing as well. He swam over the tunnel and prepared for my arrival as he was on one knee. I tried not to drown from my excitement!

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