Jenna and Michael

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How We Met

Mike and I met in high school, he was a graduating senior and I was a new incoming freshman. He and I wereally both seeing other people and didn’t really talk until my senior year of high school. During spring break of 2012, Mike and I really started talking and flirting a lot and agreed to hang out as soon as he got back from Myrtle Beach. We hung out a lot and met each other’s families and would sneak off to different parks that are in our town. He waited 11 months to officially ask me to be his girlfriend. And of course, I’ve already said yes 1,000 times in my head all those months prior.

how they asked

My family and I went on a family vacation to Florida and Mike was allowed to come with us. My mom told us all that one day during vacation we were going to have family pictures taken since my two brothers live in Florida and this is the first time that we’ve all been together since 2012. Anyways so that day we all got showered 1 by 1, got dressed and did hair and make up, etc. We walked to dinner which was just about a block away. Crabby Bills was a really good restaurant, btw. My mom and boyfriend both spilt butter on their dress clothes so they had to go back and get change since we were doing “family pictures” at 7:30. So they walk back to the hotel while the other six of us just walked and looked at little shops in the corner and started walking back to the beach/hotel. Once we got back by the hotel and started making our way to our cabanas, I twisted my ankle while walking in 4 inch heels, so I decided to take them off (as Mike is dragging me down to the water) As he’s dragging me down I keep saying we have to wait for my family to get these pictures and he kept insisting to walk down shore. So we began holding hands and I’m looking down at the ground for seashells (because I like to collect them) So as I’m looking I notice Mike let’s go of my hand but I keep walking. Next thing I heard was “Jenna” and immediately turned around to see Mike down on one knee with a opened seashell with a ring. (Its 7:30pm and the sun is setting over the water) I’ve already said yes before he could really say anything else. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry because of what he began to say. (I also didn’t realize at the time, he hired a photographer who got everything on her camera) My mom painted signs saying “He asked” “She said yes!” So family pictures was just a way to get me to dress up and look nice. Image 2 of Jenna and Michael

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