Jenna and Matthew

how they asked

Jenna & Matthew flew to New Orleans for Jenna’s dad’s 60th birthday. Jenna’s parents, brothers, uncles, aunt, many cousins and some close family friends all came to Nola to be a part of the celebration.

Image 1 of Jenna and Matthew

The birthday dinner took place at Shaya, an amazing Israeli restaurant and there were about 20 people in attendance. Everyone enjoyed each other’s company, along with excellent food, wine and a specially crafted music playlist by Jenna’s brother. It was the first time in many years we were all able to come together and celebrate.

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When it came time for dessert, the lights went dim and everyone started singing happy birthday, as the server brought out the birthday cake. Jenna was extremely confused when the cake was placed on the table in front of her and even turned to the waitress saying “no no no it’s his birthday over there”, while pointing at her dad. Then she looked down at the cake and saw that instead of “Happy Birthday,” the cake said “Jenna will you marry me”. In complete shock, Jenna turned to Matthew who had a ring waiting and asked her to marry him.

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It was incredibly amazing, especially since we were able to share the moment with all our family and close friends.

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Matthew didn’t tell anyone except for Jenna’s parents of his plans to propose so everyone at the table was surprised and excited by the moment right along with Jenna which made the night even more celebratory and fun.

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