Jenna and Matt

Jenna and Matt's Engagement in Diablo Lake in the North Cascades in Washington State

How We Met

It was a perfect Friday night on July 31, 2015 and little did I know that my life would change in an instant. I had gone out with a group of friends to grab some drinks and listen to music. As fate would have it, Matt ‘s work had recently relocated him to the area. After wrapping up a long work week Matt too was out having a drink. Our group bounced from one place to the next with no real plan for the night. In the midst of a decision, we found ourselves on a balcony overlooking the live music scene. One of my friends, David, ran into an old buddy of his and started a conversation. As the rest of us realized that they would be talking for awhile we moved to another bar just around the corner. As we pulled a couple tables together, we all sat down and continued our conversations. David soon arrived and unbeknownst to me, this very handsome stranger was following right behind him. David quickly introduced Matt to the group and invited him to join us. Matt said hello to everyone and happened to sit down in the open chair right next to me. David and Matt continued their conversation and that brought in the rest of our friends to learn more about him. There was a break in conversation and Matt made his way to order a drink. While he was gone, one of the girls across the table looked at David and said, “So..are you gonna set Jenna up with him or not?” David smiled and looked at me as he said, “Well, do you want to be?” My response was a, “Well yeah, why not!?

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Shortly after Matt returned, David started the conversation back up and said, “Matt, Jenna is pretty sweet. She manages a bakery in town.” This led into the first time Matt and I began to learn the basics about each other. As the night began to end, and friends started heading home, I also followed suite. As I thought about what to do when it was my turn to leave, it was the first time I had been confident that I would not need to make a first move or ask for a number. So, I wrapped up conversations, stood up and grabbed my purse to head home. I looked at Matt and said that it was wonderful to meet him and I hope we can do it again sometime. And that was it. No number, no full name, just goodnight. Saturday morning came quickly and I immediately started to replay the night before. As I grabbed my phone I saw a notification. Matt had sent me a friend request on Facebook. It wouldn’t be until the following week that he would make his next move.

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Sunday afternoon rolled around and I was walking through my door when I heard a notification go off on my phone. Matt was sitting in an airport on his way home from vacation. The notification read: “Hey, how are you?” and thus began our a conversation that has yet to end. We had our first date a couple days later where we got Chipotle and had a picnic at a local reservoir. We watched the sun set over the water as we both shared our last first kiss.

how they asked

Backtracking for a moment, Matt and I officially began dating in August of 2015. Only three short months later his job would relocate him again. This time to California which would require us to continue our relationship over 2,400mi of distance. I wanted to have some photographs taken of us that we would be able to treasure as we headed into this long distance relationship. Little did I know, this was just the beginning of our wild journey. After enduring 9 long months of distance, we found ourselves in Indiana living together for the first time. While long distance was technically over, Matt’s job would send him to numerous countries for weeks on end. As soon as we had hung the last picture on the wall, our time in Indiana had already drawn to a close. Fast forward to the summer of 2017. Having established our long term home in the beautiful state of Washington, we discussed having new photos taken of us somewhere in the mountains. Matt had made a comment that he would really like to get photographs taken of us in August and that he would like for me to find someone that would do a perfect job. Within a few hours of his green light to start planning, we were penciled in on the calendar with a local photographer, Kristina Lord. Over the next month or so I had been in talks with Kristina, showing her the dress I picked out for our photo shoot, setting up time frames and deciding on a location. Little did I know, Matt was also in talks with her. The plan was set. We were going to do an early morning sunrise session at Diablo Lake in the Northern Cascades of Washington.

August 12, 2017 • The alarm clock goes off at 2:00am, we roll out of bed, start the coffee, and begin to get ready for our session. Checking the mirror one last time, we grabbed our bags and headed out the door to begin our 3 hour drive. We met up with our photographer at a halfway point before we get to the national park. Little did I know that this was not the first time that Matt and Kristina had met face to face. Around 5:45am, we began taking photos over the beautiful turquoise waters of Diablo Lake. About 15 minutes in, we made our way over to a large boulder that perfectly overlooks the lake. Kristina transitioned into capturing some individual shots of each of us. Matt went first and started by facing the camera, looking away and then sitting down. Now, it was my turn. As Matt made his way off of the rock, he asked if I wanted a blanket to sit on. Without hesitation, Kristina told Matt that she had one in her car and to take her keys to grab it. I made my way to the rock to begin taking photos facing her. Kristina heard Matt making his way back to us and casually instructed me to turn around for additional photos.

While my photos continued, I heard Matt coming up behind me and say “I got you a little something to match your dress…it’s flowers!” and oddly enough, I didn’t think anything of it. I grabbed the bouquet that perfectly matched my dress and continued on with my photographs. A moment later, Kristina instructed me to turn around. As my feet spun and my head turned, our eyes met. I looked down to see Matt on one knee with the biggest smile on his face and tears welling up in his eyes. He was holding the most beautiful rose gold ring in his hand. As I realize what was happening he proceeded to ask me to marry him and continue to write the pages of our crazy love story. Without any hesitation, I said yes!

Having just experienced the greatest surprise of my life, we would spend the rest of our day talking to our loved ones and sharing the steps taken to fulfill this dream. I found out that Matt had spent many months planning this day. He had flown to Ohio for what I thought was a work trip but had really been a cover to spend time with each of my family members to ask for their blessing. On top of that, he had prepared a 27 page document talking about each conversation and interaction he had with both my family and his. Detailing the many emotions, thoughts and interactions over this time that he had successfully had kept secret. He continued to highlight the process of acquiring the gorgeous ring that rests on my finger today. Matt worked hand in hand with a local jewelry designer from Green Lake Jewelry in Seattle Washington to design a one off, fully custom engagement ring which has surpassed my wildest dreams. A process which took over 3 months and was kept secret and hidden. This day was one that I had dreamed about for my entire life, and he was able to surpass my wildest dreams. I can honestly say, this is only the beginning of our fairytale.

Special Thanks

Kristina Lord