Jenna and Matt

How We Met

Matt sold his home of 10 years and moved into the apartment community that I managed in Charlotte, NC, while he searched for a new home to purchase. We met on a Thursday afternoon in April 2018 and he was determined to get to know me. From checking his mailbox twice a day, ordering umpteen Amazon packages and having multiple ‘complaints’ to address with the Manager.. he was on a mission. He quickly stole my heart from across my desk and I couldn’t fight it any longer; the universe had spoken. On August 2nd, I knocked on his door at 11 pm after pacing back and forth on if this was the ‘right decision’. He then opened, we kissed without a word spoken and well, the rest is history… OR our future.

How They Asked

We decided to take a trip to the Big Apple as our Christmas gifts to each other. Little did I know, Matt had plans of his own. We arrived in NYC and our adventure began immediately! Matt was excited and very anxious to get to Central Park before dusk and I wasn’t quite sure why. There was a photographer waiting for us there who would secretly be following us through the city! We strolled through the park, to The Plaza Hotel, Radio City then made it to the Rockefeller Tree where my life would change forever. Matt turned and looked at me then spoke the most important and sweetest words I have ever heard.

He knelt down on one knee, the crowd parted ways and began to roar with excitement! Through the hundreds of flashes, gasps, and screams; it was as if we were the only two people in NYC at that moment. I said YES to forever to the love of my life.

Jenna's Proposal in The Rockefeller Tree, NYC

Jenna and Matt's Engagement in The Rockefeller Tree, NYC

Special Thanks

Slavan Vaslik
 | Photographer