Jenna and Louis

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How We Met

Louis and I met four years ago at a middle school performance of Pirates of Penance; Louis was playing drums in the pit and caught my eye in the audience. We started dating nine months later. Our love bloomed through a shared passion for the arts—specifically church music and theatre!

how they asked

AN EARNEST PROPOSAL: About a year ago, I started my dream job as the Associate Director of Marketing at Two River Theater, a professional theatre in New Jersey. It was here where our magical proposal took place, hours before the opening-night performance of “The Importance of Being Earnest”. Inspired by the marriage theme of Oscar Wilde’s classic comedy, Louis coordinated with my colleagues to pull off the theater’s first-ever (real-life) on-stage proposal! My boss concocted a scheme to get me into the empty theater.

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As I headed toward the front of the theater, Louis walked out of the wings to the center stage of a dreamlike garden set. Unassuming, and thinking he was being his comical self, I asked, “What are you doing? You can’t be on the set right now!” Before I could even consider either of us getting in trouble, Louis dropped down on one knee and proposed. Overwhelmed with emotion and shock, happy sobs started to pour as I joined him on stage and let out a big “YES!”

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Immediately, Sara Bareilles’ “I Choose You” started playing throughout the theater. After a long embrace, Louis pointed out my colleague who was off-stage capturing beautiful stills, along with other members of my department who were cheering us on from the production booth. After trying to eat dinner and calling our immediate family, we celebrated at the opening-night (wedding themed) after party, where our Artistic and Managing Directors gave a special toast to the two of us in front of the entire crowd!