Jenna and Lawrence

How We Met

We met my first day of college. I was sitting in my spanish class when this gorgeous man walked in and sat in the row in front of me. From that very moment I knew I needed to make him mine. Over the course of the semester I would try to make small talk with him whenever I got the chance, which wasn’t very often. Finally, one day after an oral exam we were all in the hall discussing how we did. After everyone started to part ways I asked him if he wanted to wait for my next class with me and sit in my car(it was raining that day). We sat in my car and made awkward small talk. He eventually asked if I had a boyfriend, which led to the first date proposal. When I got to my next class I started telling my friend how I couldn’t believe that the kid I had a crush on asked me out. Also, couldn’t believe such a handsome guy had a crush on me too. We went out for coffee that night. Starbucks was crowded and it was still raining, so we sat in my car again. We talked about anything and everything. We discovered that we had so much in common. It felt like we had known each other for years. The best part was that he reminded me so much of my sister, who passed away a year prior to our first date. She passed very tragically and unexpectedly. She was my best friend. After our first date, I had this feeling in my heart that I hadn’t felt since before she passed. I felt happy again. I felt whole. I didn’t even know that feeling had been missing.

how they asked

My boyfriend(now fiancé!) lived in Arizona for 6 years, and we decided to go and visit his friends and also do some sight seeing since it was my first time there. We decided to all go to the Grand Canyon, one of the most beautiful places on earth. I’m in school to become a park ranger, and I love the outdoors and nature. I was so excited just to be there. We walked around for a little bit and eventually ended up at the visitors center to ask where the best view was. We went to the place, and he would leave me at times to let his friend know how the view was(definitely suspicious at this point). He told me to climb down to this little lookout point to see the view, as his friend stayed at the top because she ‘couldn’t climb down’. We admired the view for a moment, then he grabbed my hands, and got down on one knee. He told me how many days it had been since we met, since our first date, since we started dating, and then today. He pulled out the ring, and it was stunning. Being at the Grand Canyon, getting engaged, and wearing that ring was the absolute most breathtaking moment of my life. I swore I felt my sister there with me, she would be so proud. And of course, I said yes!

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