Jenna and Joseph

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How We Met

Joe & I officially met on September 12th, 2014. My cousin Brandon is one of his best friends, and I guess Joe had seen me from afar at Powerline Park, (a place near us that is all about getting muddy & riding four-wheelers) but I did not see him. My cousins girlfriend told him about me, how I was into working out and was a genuine good girl. My cousin Lakin and I (Brandon’s sister) were out to dinner, and she mentioned Joe to me. I was instantly interested, and she texted Joe giving him my number. His first message to me was “Hey Jenna its Joe” and it was September 9th.

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We instantly hit it off, he was sweet and funny, just the right amount of sarcasm, and I couldn’t wait to meet him! We quickly made plans to hangout that weekend, and I was so excited, but nervous! I hadn’t been on an official date in a while, and he was such a gentlemen. The more we got to texting, I began complaining how I didn’t like staying home alone and my momma & daddy were going to a casino and staying the night that Friday night that Joe & I had plans. His response (jokingly, but I didn’t know at the time) was an offer to spend the night with me. I instantly agreed and thanked him! (Whoops, I learned afterwards that he wasn’t being serious!) We went out on our double date with my cousin Lakin & his friend Cody, we saw the movie “Let’s Be Cops” and went to a restaurant called Ruttenbucks. I was nervous, and acting like a giggly goofball throughout dinner. I just couldn’t help it!! He is so incredibly handsome. During the movie I was making all the hints that he could hold my hand, but he was not catching on. I decided to make the first move and I put my hand on his leg with his ol’ Levi jeans, then he finally grabbed my hand shortly after. We left the movie, and headed to my house. On the way there and back the conversation we had was like it was just him and I. Especially with his loud 7.3 Powerstroke (he’s gonna read this and he’ll definitely want me to tell you all that he’s a Ford guy) and it’s newly installed turbo, (that he stayed up until 1am working on the night before just so he could have it for our date that night) tuning out our double date friends in the back wasn’t difficult. My cousin stayed at my house as well, and we ventured to sleep as soon as we got back to the house. They went in the spare room, and Joe & I into my room. We literally, no exaggeration, stayed up talking until 4am!! Just talking, about anything and everything. I hadn’t had that great of conversation with anyone, ever! It was so easy to just open up to each other, and just lay there holding each other. Ridiculousness was on the TV, and in between our conversation, we shared a first kiss & then a few more. Once we finally fell asleep & our butterflies calmed down, morning came. We all went downstairs, and momma & daddy were on their way home so I insisted he stay to meet them. Thinking back on it.. he had to be overwhelmed! Just meeting for the first time, spending the night that same night, then meeting my parents in the morning!! I’m lucky he liked me!! I guess I just knew, from talking to him for a few days, then such easy & effortless conversation for hours, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He was what I was waiting for, for a long time.

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We quickly became inseparable and had a routine going on days we say each other, and taking turns staying at each other’s houses. I quickly got impatient, and started throwing hints that I wanted him to ask me to be his girlfriend. Even my momma was getting impatient!! I knew he wanted to take it slow, and I respected that BUT I wanted him to officially be mine. On October 27th, he texted me telling me he had a surprise for me. I got to his place, and there were pumpkins on his front porch. He knew I’d been wanting to carve pumpkins with him, so I was really excited and he told me to bring whatever one I wanted in. He then grabbed the white pumpkin still out there, and he had writing “D8 ME?” on the back of it, he’s seriously the sweetest.

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Two days after that my friend Becca & I were at a local bar during their wing night and waiting on Joe to meet us there after a work meeting. While waiting for him, he was texting me. Out of the blue after talking about the work meeting, he tells me he thinks he loves me. I was instantly confused, and thought he was drunk. This was not the Joe Stuart I knew, we had only been “officially” dating for two days! He responded disappointed, but I still wasn’t believing that he meant it. He showed up to meet me, and I didn’t bring it up. I just figured it was a mistake. Later on when back at my house, he re-told me that he loved me, along with several reasons as to why. He admitted he was worried that I didn’t feel the same, but I was ecstatic and 100% in love with this man, and I assured him of that as soon as he said it and I realized that he was in fact, not drunk. (He’s not even a drinker anyways, but it was the only explanation I had and I didn’t want to get over-excited if it was a mistake)

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We have since then went on a couple of vacations together, and countless trips. We moved in with each other officially on August 24th, 2016. We remodeled an entire home together, from painting everything, to gutting the bathroom, to all new floors and truly made it special to us because we did it all together. Oh, and we got a kitten! Her name is Layden. :)

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how they asked

On March 19th, 2017 I became to most blessed, happiest woman alive. The man of my dreams and the love of my life got down on one knee, and asked me to spend his life with him. A couple of months later, and I am still in shock. He makes me so extremely happy every single day, just by being himself. I truly adore everything about this man. I would be lost without him. He made plans with his incredible momma and her husband to ensure every moment was captured. They had it all planned out so I would not suspect a thing, so sneaky! I am so thankful for his entire family, and the two of them ensuring our day was perfect means more to me than I can even begin to explain.

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While at dinner in Pittsburgh, Joe showed me a video he put together for me. He had overlapped pictures and the video of him talking through everything with our song playing in the background. He took a video of where he hid the ring, the day he bought it, the day he asked for my daddy’s blessing, and the day he went to his momma’s to tell them what his plan was. It was so well-thought out and sweet, I was brought to tears.. yet again!! I cannot wait to become Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Alan Carl Stuart.