Jenna and Jordan

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How We Met

We met through a mutual friend (Hope) and became friends in a few short months. The more we talked, the more we realized the similarities we had, all the way down to if I was a boy, my parents were going to name me Jordan! Crazy.

Jordan and I didn’t live in the same town, so he would drive up every Wednesday night to hang out with me for a few hours, and we would spend the weekends together. After about three months, he asked me to be his girlfriend in one of my favorite places on earth, the dance studio!

how they asked

I (Jordan) proposed to Jenna on October 15, 2016. When I was trying to figure out where I wanted to propose, I thought of this place in Lake Benton, MN. In June, I went to check it out with the future MOH (Hope) and a mutual friend (Bailey). Overseeing the lake and town, the spot was beyond beautiful. When we returned to my car to leave, it wouldn’t start! So, we called and had someone come pick us up. Bailey and I worked for a summer camp, and we had to be back by lunch so we were super lucky to catch a ride back! Jenna obviously couldn’t know that this happened, so we all had to keep it a secret!

So the location is set, and now I have to patiently wait until October 15….

The day is here. Wow. Whaaaaat. I was nervous, but I stayed pretty composed all day. October 15 was our two-year anniversary, so I started the day by bringing Jenna some coffee. Carmel vanilla latté to be exact. We then spent the rest of the morning roaming around downtown Brookings, SD. Going to various shops, boutiques, and thrift stores, with conversations and moments of dancing on the sidewalk in between each one. After this, we went back to my place and watched the Jackrabbits take on the Bison in football (Jacks won 19-17 WOOOOO!). During the game, Jenna said to me, “I have a feeling you are going to propose today..” and I told her, “You always told me to never propose on an anniversary so why in the world would I do that?” Luckily, she believed me and just blew it all off. I made the plan of going somewhere for supper since it was our two-year anniversary, and I told Jenna that we should go somewhere outside of Brookings, because we always eat there. She agreed without hesitation, so I looked up a name of a restaurant in Lake Benton and told her it was a good place.

4:45 rolls around, and we begin our trek to Lake Benton. Wow, I’m nervous. Excited. May have peed my pants, I don’t remember. I had Hope and Bailey, along with my best friend (Aaron), head to the location a little bit before us to set some things up and hide amongst the long grass to take photos. You can see the large cross from the highway, so when we were getting into town I said, “How about we go check out the view from the cross before we get supper? Would that be cool?” Jenna agreed, and so we drove to the cross, and started the short hike up the hill. You can imagine HOW FAST MY HEART WAS BEATING, knowing that we were moments from being engaged!

When we reached the top, I had a small table set up with some flowers, two coffees, two cupcakes, and a wrapped painting. My sister-in-law painted a picture of us when we went on a mission trip to New York in 2015.

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I simply told Jenna that I did all of this for our two-year, but I had one more surprise.

I then got down on one knee, and asked her to be my wife!

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After she said yes Hope, Bailey, and Aaron came out and we all hugged and celebrated!

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We are beyond excited to become one and start our new lives together in 10 short months!

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Special Thanks

Hope Gauger
 | Photography