Jenna and Jordan

Jenna and Jordan's Engagement in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

How We Met

I met Jordan on my first day of nursing orientation at the hospital. I was blown away and immediately attracted to the way he treated every patient. Whether it be a dying elderly man or a sick two-year-old girl, he loved every patient as though it was a close family member. Everyone loved him, myself included. I was in a stage of my life at that point where I didn’t want to settle down so I was not interested in pursuing anything serious. We worked together for about two years before I finally mustered up the courage to ask him to hang out with myself and other coworkers. This was the start of us. We hit it off and have been inseparable ever since.

Jenna's Proposal in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

how they asked

Jordan and I planned a trip to Mexico. We both needed a break from life as everyone does every once in a while. I was not expecting a proposal. We had both talked about getting married to each other but no definites had been set. I planned a snorkeling excursion for us, so I wasn’t surprised or expecting anything when he planned a private sunset sailboat dinner for us. Halfway through the cruise, Jordan got down on one knee the best he could in that dangerously rocking boat and asked me to be his future wife.

I was so shocked that he had to repeat himself 3 times before I composed myself and shouted YES! It was the best moment of my life: the waves crashing, the sun setting, and beautiful rock formations in the background. Funny part: I did get seasick shortly after the proposal and we had to end the ride early. But it was the best day of my life.

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