Jenna and Jonathan

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How We Met

Jonathan and I almost met about 100 times in the 6 months that I had known our mutual friend, Kyrstin. But chance kept us apart until the perfect moment. So on May 29th, when Kyrstin asked me to come to some random guy’s birthday celebration to meet her friend, Jason (I know wrong person, but stay with me), I didn’t hesitate. After mingling with this Jason kid for an hour or two, Jonathan walks on over and basically swoops in to steal my heart. (But don’t worry. Remember Kyrstin? Well Jason and Kyrstin are together and it’s perfect.) Ever since that night, Jonathan and I have been inseparable and he still calls me his best birthday gift ever.

how they asked

Fast forward two and half years, two puppies and move across the metroplex later, Jonathan causally asks if we should take Christmas card pictures so we can get a photo with our new puppy, Gracie. I was pretty much clueless at this point. Then he hinted that my best friend from elementary school should come up for Thanksgiving. At this point, I had an inkling that something was going to happen and when Rhianna agreed without hesitation, I was almost sure something was up. But about a week later when Jonathan says “Well a ring your size won’t come in for 4-6 weeks and I haven’t even thought about that yet.” I was heartbroken and sure that it wasn’t gonna happen this year.

Fast forward to picture day, Jonathan was acting smooth and calm and a little annoyed that I was taking so long to get ready. We packed up our car with the dogs and our friends and headed out to go take pictures. After getting a few shots our photographer asks, “Are you ready to move on or do you have anything you want to do?” And before I could even say anything, Jonathan turned to me and said “Well actually, there is just one more thing.” As I saw him reach into his back pocket my heart was racing and I couldn’t believe this was really happening.” I was surrounded by my best friends, my dogs, and we even had a photographer to capture the perfect moment.

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Special Thanks

Aubree Edwards
 | Photographer
Kyrstin Mueller
 | Planning
Rhianna Villarreal
 | Planning