Jenna and Jon

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How We Met

Jon and I met in June of 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee. We were just 17 years old at the time and were both participating in a two-week Christian leadership program through Fuge Camps, a summer camp we now work for. I can still remember the navy blue t-shirt he was wearing the night we first met in front of the bell tower at the center of Belmont University’s campus in the heart of Nashville. We weren’t allowed to date each other during the program so my immediate attraction to him was buried deep down… come to find out, the attraction was mutual! We spent those next two weeks laughing, getting to know each other, growing as leaders and growing spiritually. However, the weeks went by in a flash and before we knew it, it was time to go home; me to Florida and he to Kentucky. It was hard saying goodbye but we both knew deep down that this wouldn’t be the last time we saw each other. The next month and a half was spent face timing for hours on end and texting non-stop. It just so happened that my parents and I were taking a road trip that August for a family wedding and decided to make a pit-stop in Paducah, Kentucky to see Jon. August 4, 2012 was the official start to our long-distance adventure. Hundreds of flights, thousands of miles driven and over three and a half years later we are saying farewell to the goodbye’s and hello to forever!

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how they asked

Jon and I had planned a weekend trip for me to come visit in February. We had friends who were going to be in Nashville for the weekend so we planned to spend the day in Nashville and then meet up with them for dinner that night. My flight got in around 9 am and our friends weren’t supposed to arrive till around 7 that evening so we had the whole day to explore Nashville. We drove all around downtown, went shopping and did every touristy thing you can do in Nashville! I knew an engagement was on the horizon and was secretly hoping that it would happen that weekend. However, Jon was so calm, cool and collected that I thought there was no way it could be happening. He even took me into a jewelry store to get my ring size so he could “know what size to get me” when the time came! Such a punk! Haha. When our friends texted and said they were getting close, Jon suggested that we drive to Belmont University and walk around where we first met. I immediately agreed because it was something I had wanted to do since we had started dating. We got to Belmont and wandered around campus reminiscing on the memories we had made there. We finally came to the bell tower in the center of campus– the exact spot where Jon and I first met 3 years prior. Before I knew what was happening Jon was down on one knee asking me the most important question of my life.

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Of course I said yes and then was immediately surprised by nine of our best friends who had made the trip from four different states to share our special night with us! He had even arranged for my parents, grandparents and brothers to be on FaceTime so they could see the proposal! We celebrated with our friends at a local taco place that Jon and I had eaten at when we first met and then spent the evening in downtown Nashville. It was such a sweet time of celebration and excitement and I couldn’t imagine it being more perfect!

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