Jenna and Johnny

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How We Met

After living in Ohio all my life, six months after graduating college I decided to move to Charlotte, NC. I wanted to pick up move somewhere new and start over with really no plan at all. I had no idea what direction my life was going and how quickly and drastically it was going to change… for the better and worse. Within a month of being in Charlotte I landed a job at Fahrenheit where I would bartend. The first co-worker I would meet was Johnny. He had something about him that drew me in… the way he held himself, how nice he was, how he was willing to help me succeed at work being the new guy, and of course how incredibly handsome he was.Although it started off as just a friendship, I knew there was something special about him, but I knew if nothing serious came out of it at least I would have a good friend.. for those who know me I am a hopeless romantic so I tried to play it cool but he quickly changed the dating game for me. I fell hard, and fast. During this time I found out my dad had cancer. I knew at this point that Johnny was put into my life for a reason. I knew that my dad wouldn’t be able to let go unless he knew I was cared for. Things started to get worse for my dad and more serious with Johnny. It was important that my dad got to know Johnny and vis versa… fast… Months have passed and I knew he was going to be the one. We just clicked. He is the weirdest person I know ( almost as weird as me) and has the biggest heart. I have never gone a day without feeling loved from him. He protects me, and supports me. So almost a year into dating my dad took a turn for the worse.. we flew to Cleveland and little did we know that would be the last time we saw him alive. The one thing that has always stuck with me was when my dad, Johnny & I were all in the kitchen and my dad looked at Johnny and said ” yano I wish we would be able to have more time together, we really would have gotten along.” And then just like that, I came to peace to what was happening. I really could not imagine my life now without Johnny, and I am not sure how I ever survived before without him.

how they asked

Now, lets get to the good part about how they asked… Although I do not want to take away from my dad, he would only ever want this time in my life to be exciting and happy not sad and grieving. I always said I would be able to know when Johnny was going to propose but boy I was wrong. On Christmas we drove down to Florida to see both sides of his parents family.. and my mom also met us down there. On Christmas Eve Day we went to his grandparents house where we spent the day as normal as possible, although that’s what I thought…. A little back ground, a lot of Johnny’s family members have been married for 30+ years so marriage is important… also his grandparents are probably the cutest people on the planet and his grandpa proposed only 3 months after meeting and they are STILL married. It’s beautiful. We then somehow got on the topic of how the church where his parents got married at was around the corner. Johnny then asked if I wanted to check out the church and go to the beach, of course I said sure. If many of you are thinking ” why on earth would you not suspect anything when he is taking you to a church” well because he knows I like sappy love stories and would appreciate the meaning of the church, plus it was right around the corner. We finally pull into the church, I get out and try one of the doors and it is locked. We walk around and go to another door where it finally opens. We enter into the building and then started walking down the center of the church.. he is behind me and I am in front just admiring how pretty it is. While I am walking he is talking and saying ” so this is where my aunt and uncle got married, this is where my parents got married, this is where my brother and I were baptized, and this is where I am going to propose to you.” Once I heard that I turned around and he was DOWN ON ONE KNEE. I kept turning back and forth with my hand covering my mouth because I could not believe this was actually happening. After a couple seconds I finally figured out this was real & said yes to my best friend. I couldn’t stop shaking. Or smiling. We get back into the car, he tells me everyone already knows, and has known for a while now… We got back to the house and our families were waiting for us with champagne and tears and so far it has been the best day of my life.

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