Jenna and John

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How We Met

John & I met at Michael Johnson Performance center while both interning for our careers. I am a Physical Therapist, and John is a CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist). We shared our love for human performance with a special interest in professional athletes. After several long talks in the hall, it turned out we had a lot more in common than we thought. John had moved here from CT, where I moved from 19 years ago. Turns out our parents went to the same high school, and our houses were 20 mins from each other in CT. We thought small world, but it only got smaller…. his track teammate at UCONN was my neighbor and best friend in grade school, I am exactly 8 days older than him, and my moms maiden name is scary close to his last name! From that moment on we knew #jsquared was going to be a thing!

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How They Asked

After 4 years of dating, buying a house together in Dallas, and having a dog, a girl could only hope the question was coming soon! Saturday nights are usually our date nights, and while I’m usually the planner John wanted to take the reigns on this one. He asked me to get dressed up and prepared me for early dinner reservations. He took me downtown to Reunion Tower.

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After being greeted with champagne and a 68-second elevator ride I stepped out onto rose petals overlooking the Dallas skyline. John got down on one knee and recited one of my favorite songs by Luke Combs… “if I’m being honest, your first and my last name would just sound better together.” With extreme excitement, I yelled YES! After several drinks choosing between staring at my ring, my view, and my fiancé it was interrupted by John telling me we had dinner plans and had to leave.

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We then proceeded to a local sports bar where John surprised me with all our friends and family! It will be a night I will never forget! Here’s to #RINGINGINTHERETTENMEIERS

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