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How We Met

What I remember most about first getting to know Jesse was filled with butterflies and the overwhelming thought of “there’s something about this guy…” 2010-2011 – Jesse was my college roommate/best friend’s boss at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. I worked at the campus recreation center, the 6 AM shift, which happened to be when Jesse worked out before work. Since Sophomore year it was always a joke between my friend and I that he was my “boyfriend” and we used to always giggle about how handsome he was. Jesse had no idea who I was at the time. 2011-2012 – Another year passed, and our group of friends and his group of friends ended up at the same bar, SLO Brew. We exchanged a few words, but that was about the extent of our “relationship.” 2013 – When the real magic began.

I graduated in June of 2013. I was spending one last summer in the beautiful San Luis Obispo before returning to my hometown for a credential and masters program. A few weeks before I moved home, Jesse and I reallyyyyyy met. Our same mutual friend, my college roommate/best friend and Jesse’s student worker, and their work friends were all going out and I tagged along. Best decision of my life! After our first night out, the tradition continued – MoTav on Thursday nights for 2 for 1s! I made it my mission to get Jesse to dance with me. A few Dirty Shirley’s for my confidence and passing him a few Jack & Cokes – and it was mission accomplished!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Avila Beach, CA

(Our first photo together! See the 2 for 1 Dirty Shirley in my hand?) A week before I moved, we went on our first date, funny story: it happened by a fluke! We were supposed to go on a double date, but the other guy in the double date bailed (and I’m oh so glad he did!). I remember how excited I was when Jesse texted me and asked, “Do you still want to go just the two of us?” We went to Firestone for dinner followed by a walk on Avila Beach. Little did I know this place would become even more special for us.

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We hung out almost every day for my last week living in San Luis Obispo. I moved back to the Bay Area but Jesse and I kept in touch here and there. I made every excuse to make it back down to SLO to see him. It wasn’t until May of 2015 that it became official. Jesse finally came to his senses and decided to take the leap regardless of the distance. He asked me to be his date for an auction that supports his work, and when we arrived he asked if he could introduce me as his girlfriend. (Finally!!) Fast forward a year later (meeting up in Peru at Machu Pichu, a trip to South East Asia together, trips to Tahoe, Portland, and endless trips back and forth to visit one another in between) and I moved back to San Luis Obispo, SLOme, and we couldn’t be happier! What I’ve learned over our 4 or so years of knowing each other (mutually that is – haha) is that there isn’t just “something” about him, or “one thing,” about him. I’ve learned what an absolutely amazing guy he is, and that there are many many many special, attractive, outstanding, unbelievably superb attributes he holds that make him the man of my dreams and love of my life.

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It was New Years Eve, which also happens to be my birthday. The morning started with relaxing in bed and a walk to a local coffee shop, Scout, to meet up with friends. We had recently gone to Tahoe, where I attempted to snowboard, and I was really sore, so Jesse made reservations for us to get massages. I was feeling so relaxed and happy. We continued the birthday celebrations by sharing a sandwich, fried pickles, delicious homemade potato chips, and beer at Gus’ Deli. We ventured on home after eating to relax for a while. Jesse told me to be ready for my birthday dinner at Custom House by 4:00 because he wanted to to catch the sunset before dinner. Little did I know we would never make it to Custom House!

Side note: Jesse was left sweating when my friends stopped by and didn’t leave until 3:45 and I still had to get ready! Spoiler alert: They knew about both the first and second surprise! I finished getting ready and we headed to the beach! He took me to a spot, Pirate’s Cove, with a beautiful outlook of the coast. As we started walking along the path to the cave, Jesse became really quiet. As we reached the cave, the sunset in the horizon, I saw a group of people and heard country music. I obliviously blurted out, “Hey! They’re playing country music!” Jesse responded, “Ya! It’s Cody Johnson!” It’s then that I realized it was one of our favorite songs, “With You I Am” by Cody Johnson and that my world was about to change.

With the sun setting behind us and our song playing in the background, Jesse got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Of course, the answer was yes!

I had no idea, but his brother was hiding in the bushes capturing our special moment on film! But that wasn’t all…Jesse had even more up his sleeves!

Jesse told me he wanted to share the news with his family, who has a house 10 minutes away. As we were driving to their home, I was calling and texting all my friends and family, little did I know they were all together! As we walked into the house, “With You I Am” was playing again, and all our family and friends were there! They had all changed their New Years plans last minute and most of them had even driven 4+ hours to be there on our special day (We are SO blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives). Jesse couldn’t have planned a more perfect birthday, proposal, and celebration leading into the New Year!

The Trifecta! Amazing birthday, perfect proposal, and the best New Years EVER!!! 2017 was already off to a great start and it hadn’t even begun! I know that I can always go to our new spot, listen to our song, or wrap myself in Jesse’s arms, and instantly go to my happy place. I have always felt so safe, and at home with Jesse. He is kind and patient, and the most honest person I know. He is also insanely handsome! Jesse makes me a better person and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him by my side!!

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