Jenna and Jeff

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How We Met

When someone asks me where I found this amazing man of mine, they can’t help but laugh when I say “ I picked him up at a bridal show!”, the last place on earth you expect to find your husband. I’ve been attending bridal shows for as long as I can remember with my dad who owns a limo company, dreaming of the day that I would plan my own wedding. As I got older, bridal shows became less of an exciting place to daydream, and more of an event to work my Sunday afternoon’s away, but were still enjoyable nonetheless. After finishing up a long 4 hour vendor show, I was standing in the hallway, slumped over and half asleep while waiting for my dad to pull the truck around so we could load our supplies in and head home. I happened to be in front of a DJ company’s vendor booth in my unattractive exhaustion, when Jeff (the DJ company’s owner) started teasing me about how awake I was. I didn’t think much of his sassy comments, but just flirted back and went on to pack up the truck. No sooner did I get home and see a message from Jeff on Facebook, asking why we were not Facebook friends yet. The flirting continued until I finally conceded to accepting his friend request and giving him my phone number, and the rest is history!

how they asked

When Jeff first asked me where I would like to take an international vacation with him, my immediate response was Italy! It had always been a dream of mine to go there and since this would be my first time traveling out of the US, Italy was at the top of my list. Fast forward to July 17, 2017… Jeff told me the next day we were going to a nice breakfast at a five star hotel courtesy of a friend of his. The only bad news was, the reservation was for 7am and it would take 30 minutes to walk there. He also insisted that I wear a burgundy floral maxi dress I brought with me, even though he never seems to care what I wear. I woke up in the morning to get ready and had a problem with my contact lenses that left my eyes red and watering ( Jeff was keeping his cool but panicking on the inside). I then spent 10 minutes bargaining with him to wear something less dressy, but he insisted the restaurant was very nice, and that I needed to wear that dress. So I got dressed, and finished my hair and make-up and we were on our way. On our walk to “breakfast”, Jeff stopped us on the cutest little bridge over one of the canals in Venice. He asked me if we could take a selfie, noting how no one was around and the morning light was so beautiful. A man was standing there taking photos of the beautiful scenery with his camera, and Jeff asked him if he would take a picture for us. Jeff handed the man his phone, and after the man asked if he could take a photo of us for his portfolio. I told him it was fine, and he started snapping a few shots. The next thing I knew, Jeff was down on one knee, holding the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. I was in complete shock, I started shaking and crying, trying to take in what was happening. Jeff asked me to marry him and my answer was of course yes! He jumped up and told me how this “man with the camera” was Vito, our hired photographer and that he now would be taking us on an engagement shoot around Venice for the next hour and a half. Before we headed out, Jeff told me how he had asked my dad permission (something which was very important to me seeing as me and my dad are so close), and that he was waiting up for my phone call. I called my parents to share the news with them, and then we set out to spend the next 90 minutes laughing and smiling through the beautiful city of Venice! It was truly magical!

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Special Thanks

Vito Ancona
 | Photographer