Jenna and Jason

How we met

Jason and I grew up in the same city and knew a lot of the same people. His best friend growing up was also one of my good friends from high school. We were introduced by him briefly at my best friends’ (who are twins!) 19th birthday party when we were in college. Six years later on the exact same date at their 25th birthday party, we crossed paths again and sparks flew!

Looking back, I never would have thought that first, quick introduction as a freshman in college would have been such an important, pivotal moment in my life… and I wouldn’t even know it for another six years!

how they asked

My mom and dad decided to get the whole family together for a vacation in Kauai in July. So, my parents, sister, brother-in-law, niece, nephew, Jason, and I all headed out for a summer getaway. I’m very close to my family and was so happy to have all my favorite people in one spot for a week!

One morning early into the trip, we decided to explore a little bit. We went for a walk that led us to Heritage Trail which takes you up on the cliffs near Shipwreck Beach. It’s a beautiful spot and since Kauai is known as the “Garden Island”, there is always gorgeous, blooming flowers, jungle-looking corners, and mossy greenery that help illustrate the gorgeous views of the tropical Pacific. It genuinely is one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

Once we reached the top, we sat down on a rock to take a look and enjoy the view. From there, he started talking and saying sweet things which I commented back something nice, but didn’t think much of it until he kept going. Now, I’m usually the talker of the two of us, so I keyed in pretty quickly that if he was giving a speech, this is a moment.

So he told me all the wonderful things you want to hear at such a time and very true to character and his lovable, happy-go-lucky personality, after his speech he said “…and I have something for you” as he reached into his bag. “But you’re going to want to stand up for this”.

I laughed since we were still sitting on the rock. I then stood up and looked down to him on one knee with the most gorgeous ring, asking me to be his wife. I, of course, happily accepted! It was such a special occasion, in such a stunning place and I’m so happy we sat back down on that rock to take it all in, talk, and keep that moment in time for a little bit longer between just the two of us. We ended up finishing the hike and adding another adventure to our long list of them. When we got back, my family was there to greet us with breakfast and champagne. We spent the rest of the day on the beach and that night, Jason took us all out for a celebratory dinner!

A few days later, when we returned to the mainland, his family greeted us and treated us to a gorgeous lunch overlooking the Pacific, but this time at home in San Francisco. I felt overwhelmingly grateful the whole week (and still do!) from all the love that went into planning the proposal and am looking forward to all the joy that our wedding will bring too! It has definitely been a magical time in our life and I’m enjoying every bit of it!

Special Thanks

Clara Rice
 | photographer
Sarah Rheaume
 | floral designer
Esselle SF
 | ring box
Dry Bar
 | hair stylist