Jenna and Jared

how they asked: Jared and I had been dating for a little over six years (I know right?) before he popped the question!  I think I really started to get the engagement itch after our five year anniversary so it was definitely something we talked about and I dropped hints almost any chance I got.  Jared being 31 and myself 27, we are at that magical age where almost all of our “free time” is consumed with our friend’s weddings.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love attending weddings and especially being a part of them, but I was ready to get my chance! Naturally, or maybe not so, every time there was any special occasion or we were going away for a weekend I would imagine a dream proposal happening and when it didn’t, I would be let down. This went on for about 6-8 months after our five year anniversary until I finally just “got over it”. Now I’m happy I wasn’t constantly questioning every activity because this made the proposal more surprising.

Jared’s mother’s birthday was May 7th and we all went out to dinner to celebrate. At dinner, she gave us tickets to a Sushi and Stroll event at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens saying that she wasn’t able to attend and didn’t want them to go to waste. She also told me to dress up a little bit, as it was a “nice” event. I’ve always wanted to go to the Morikami and I’ll never turn down a sushi date so I didn’t think twice about it.

The next day, May 8th, I had quite the day at work and was worried about not making it to get my nails done before Jared and I were to go to this event. Jared ensured me I had time and told me to go get them done (thank goodness!) and to just come home after and we would leave. We got to the Morikami and immediately I felt awkward, everyone was in shorts and flip flops!!

I told him I felt so uncomfortable because his mom told me to dress up so there I was in a dress and wedges, totally sticking out like a sore thumb. We proceeded to get our passes and walk through the museum and into the gardens. We instantly hit the tent serving sushi and wine/beer as it was hotter than ever outside.  Once we sat down on a bench to eat our first roll, I should have noticed something was up because Jared basically chugged his beer which is not like him.

After eating we proceeded to go walk through the gardens.  I feel horrible now, but man was I a complaining brat the whole time!  It was very very hot out and I was wearing wedges trying to walk through gravel paths (still have the cuts on my ankles to prove it).  At one point I turn to him and say, “babe, maybe we just come back another day when its not so hot and I’m wearing better shoes”, he says okay but its faster to get out by continuing along the path than turning around from where we came from.

A couple yards ahead was a water station which he stopped at and chugged a glass or two (again, should have noted the weird behavior but have I mentioned how hot it was outside?).  A few more steps later we stop in front of these beautiful rocks and huge trees and he turns to me and grabs my hands.  My stomach immediately filled with butterflies and he starts his speech, “Jenna, we’ve been dating for over six years and you know how much I love you..”, this is where I cut him off and say, “OH MY GOD ARE YOU DOING THIS?”. how they askedHe laughs and gets down on one knee and asks the question I was starting to think I would never hear.  I started crying and screaming, it actually took me a while to even say yes because I couldn’t speak!  The poor guy didn’t even get to finish is speech because I interrupted him and then I could barely even get out a “yes”!  He puts the ring on my finger and as he’s kissing me he says, “smile for the camera”.  Jared’s college friend and infamous South Florida photographer, Mario Munoz, pops out of the bushes and is clicking away.

We take a bunch of photos, most of which I’m sure there is mascara just streaming down my face, and I can’t stop smiling and kissing him.  Once Mario leaves, I FaceTime my mom who knew all about it because Jared went to her house earlier that day with flowers to ask permission to marry me from her and my stepdad (I got a good one, ya’ll). After calling immediate family and my best friend, we leave because we are supposed to be going to our friends “pre-wedding party” which Jared was still insisting was for them and not for us.


He even told me that none of them knew he was proposing so I wasn’t to post anything on social media because he thought it would be fun to surprise everyone at the get together. We arrive to the restaurant and once we walk in we are greeted with our closest friends yelling congratulations!  Turns out he had one last surprise for me and it really was a little celebration for us.

The rest of the night consisted of champagne toasts, crying, ring showing, and telling the story over and over. The ring is more than I could have ever asked for, made with so many tiny details by the amazing team at Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton.

seeing ring

I still can’t believe I’m going to be marrying the man of my dreams and I am so beyond impressed with all of the planning he did to make the day so special for me.  From having his mom make sure I was dressed up to making sure I had a fresh manicure, this man thought of everything and more.


Photographer: Mario Munoz | The Ring : Raymond Lee Jewelers