Jenna and Jacob

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How We Met

We really do not recall how exactly we met, but we do know that it was sometime in the 5th grade.  I knew who he was, and vice versa, but our paths and friend circles didn’t cross until further down on the timeline. :)

how they asked

For our two year anniversary, (August 2011) we took a trip to Maui, Hawaii.  We took many photos during that trip, including one that was taken during a day long excursion to the island of Lanai.  It was a photo of our backs, as we looked off into the distance on one of the many cliffs located on Lanai.  This cliff in particular looked over Puu Pehe, which is also known as “Sweetheart Rock”.  It’s not the greatest photo, it’s blurry and was taken with a self timer, propped on a rock!  Little did I know that two years later, that photo would change many things!


Our four year anniversary rolls around, and we are in Orlando celebrating my first time at Walt Disney World.  The company that we had taken that day excursion on two years earlier, Trilogy Excursions, posted on their facebook fan page that they were hosting a photo contest in honor of their 40th anniversary sailing.  Of course I had to participate, so from our hotel room, I snagged that photo taken from the cliffs of Lanai, and entered my submission.

After a month of voting and judges narrowing their decisions, I receieved a call from Trilogy Excursions.  I had won the photo contest and my prize was an all expense paid trip to Maui for four days!!  I was in complete shock, and of course gushed to my then boyfriend, Jacob, about it.  Two months later, Jacob and I were back on a plane to Hawaii, and enjoyed our stay on Maui, as well as the island of Lanai, where we spent a night at the Four Seasons.  On our last day on Lanai, Jacob asked me if I would like to take a walk back up to the cliffs and Sweetheart Rock, since we hadn’t done that yet.  I of course said yes, and we crossed the beach and made our way back up.  Once there, I noticed a small ring of tropical flowers placed on the ground, not fully grasping what was going on.  Quicker than I had time to process it, Jacob was on one knee proposing to me!  I said yes, and the rest is history.

On September 14, 2015, we made it official inside Disneyland, a place we both hold near and dear to our hearts.

Here is our contest photo, taken in 2011 on the island of Lanai.

Contest Photo

Photo taken my a crewmember of Trilogy Excursions.