Jenna and Grant

How We Met

My fiancé and I met in November 2013 through mutual friends. I remember from the moment I met him I thought to myself, this guy is too good to be true. Its been just over 3 years and he has not only become my life partner but my best friend who I can always be 100% myself with.

how they asked

We went to Hawaii for a vacation, my first time. We had planned to go for Valentines day dinner. Grant told me that since we had time we should go watch the sunset, which would be my first beach sunset in Hawaii. We went to the beach and he told me he wanted to set up his camera to take a picture of us and the sunset. He set up the camera as I looked out at the ocean and beautiful sky, fixing my hair and getting ready for the picture. He came back and told me to look at the camera, when I turned around he was on one knee and proposed.

Image 1 of Jenna and Grant

My heart was beating so fast and my knees and hands were shaking, it was a magical moment. Then he surprised me again by letting me know that the moment was actually captured not by a picture but by a video so we can re-watch the best moment of our lives. It felt like a dream and still does now. Then we went to a beautiful restaurant that overlooked the ocean and had a bottle of champagne and an amazing dinner.

Image 2 of Jenna and Grant