Jenna and Eric's Proposal in Greece

Image 1 of Jenna and Eric's Proposal in GreeceHow we met: My fiancé and I originally met through a friend. A festival, a few cocktails, a dive bar, and a kiss later brought us together. Whoever says you can’t meet your future husband in a bar is wrong. You can! We are walking proof. We’re actually talking about having our wedding date be the same weekend as our first kiss.

how they asked: We were sitting in a restaurant called the Red Bicycle. It had the best view of the Santorini Caldera and the infamous blue domes. I thought it might happen that night. I spent so much time getting ready. As if it was my prom all over again. It was chilly on the restaurant deck. I asked for his jacket and he said no in case he got cold later. I thought, well that’s just rude. But, little did I know the ring was in his jacket. So, the waiter brought me a blanket. It was a scratchy sheep blanket. It didn’t go with the dress but what can you do. Dinner was over and I thought. Wow, the most romantic moment of my life just passed. He walks to the bathroom and I see through this tiny window in the restaurant Eric talking to the waiter and he hands over his phone. It hit me, oh my god he’s going to do it. I instantly open my purse, touch up my lipstick, throw my blanket down on my shoulders and started looking surprised. Thats when he grabbed my hand and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. It was perfect. It was us.

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