Jenna and Eric

How We Met

We actually met through Eric’s cousin, and my good friend from high school, Allison. She invited a group of us girls up to her grandparents cottage during the snowy winter of 2007 for reading week (we were in university still), and then she invited her cousin and his buddies up the following night so we could get to know them. We met, and started chatting on MSN (old school), seeing each other occasionally and eventually ended up dating the summer of 2007. Now (years later) we are finally tying the knot!

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Image 2 of Jenna and Eric

how they asked

We had planned on going up for a snowboarding day March 28th (our first of the season, yikes!) for a while because Eric had a pass that had to be used before the season ended. We woke up early the day of to drive to the hill with all of our gear. We stopped for some coffee and breakfast en route and Eric could only eat half of his breakfast, but I thought nothing of it. Later I realized why….the nerves!

We got to the hill and went up to the top for our first run down. It was a beautiful day, so sunny and perfect conditions. Eric suggested that we take some pictures with the GoPro of us.

Image 3 of Jenna and Eric

It was set on the time-lapse setting so it took a photo every 5 seconds, so we posed for a couple of pictures. Then Eric turned to me and POPPED THE QUESTION! Of course I said yes! Now we have the entire proposal on time lapse.

We boarded a few runs and then were too nervous and excited to continue. He had actually surprised me and booked a room in the village and dinner as well! We surprised our family with the time lapse/video montage the following day as part of my mom’s birthday present. Surprise!

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Special Thanks

Jenn Kavanagh
 | Engagement Photographer
Gente Jewellers
 | Jeweller