Jenna and Danny

How We Met: We became friends at the beginning of our freshman year at Hofstra University – we lived in dorms next door to one another. As we moved and interests changed, we grew apart as friends for the rest of our years at college. In the summer of 2013, Danny sent a message on Facebook, asking me to have lunch, since we worked in the same neighborhood in Manhattan. I had to reschedule a few times, but when that first lunch finished, I knew I had met someone special. He walked me back to my office, and asked me out for drinks the following week. We continued to see each other casually dating until we realized we had fallen in love, and each found our person.


how they asked: We spent the day celebrating my birthday on vacation in Lake George, NY- breakfast in bed, thoughtful gifts, boat ride, relaxing at the beach all afternoon and then started to get dressed for our dinner reservation.  Danny was extremely sweet before we left for dinner, taking photos and telling me how beautiful I am. I was very wrapped up in the fact that it was my birthday, that I just assumed he was making it extra special.

We had an incredible dinner at Chateau on the Lake, seated outside, side by side watching the sunset. After dinner, we decided to finish our wine around the firepit since it was beginning to get chilly. Danny asked me to take a walk down to the water with him, and look out on the dock. He started telling me how much he loved me and that I am his person, and that he wants to spend forever with me. I responded saying, forever ever? Not realizing what was happening. He put my wine glass down, got down on one knee and said yes, forever and would I marry him. I said yes at least 10 times, while he put the ring on my finger (making sure not to drop it in the water) and I jumped up and we embraced. I was completely surprised and felt like I was in shock and floating on that water. We took a few minutes to ourselves, and then shared the exciting news with family and friends. It was the most thoughtful and romantic proposal I could have ever dreamed of, from the most incredible man who I can’t wait to call my husband.


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