Jenna and Chad

How We Met

Jenna says: “I met Chad what feels like a million years ago (but more like 10 years). We were both working at an old English style pub called The Duke of Wellington; he was a bartender, and I, a server (waitress). We were both seeing other people when we met, and we both maintained a friendly and professional relationship with each other. I always felt like our friendship was very natural, and he was always very genuine. He was my favorite dude to work with and I always felt we complimented each other well (and we liked the same thing in our coffee).

Eventually, both of the relationships we were in ended in their own time, his about 3 months after mine. After this ended, we just naturally started spending more time together after work and outside of work with mutual friends. It was easy being around him, and I felt like I always found time to hang out with him. It was like a magnet pulling us together. Although, we had been friends for so long that I think we both felt a little awkward in admitting we both had feelings for each other. So, we starting running together! Not only did we get in shape, but we had a good excuse to go for a beer together after! That summer, after a night shift at the pub, we shared a jug of beer and then went and sat in the parking lot behind the building and watched the sunrise. And right there, between the fire hydrant and the bird droppings, he kissed me.

Fast forward 6 years. We’ve both graduated from school and have careers, purchased a house, have an adorable doggo named Solace and 3 cats. One night, I was out with some girlfriends of mine, and I’d had a few delicious beers and decided that I wanted to go on an adventure to Scotland and Ireland and sample the beer there and see the amazing countries. I asked Chad if he wanted to go on an adventure with me, and his response? “I’m in”.

Jenna's Proposal in Isle of Skye, Scotland

Chad says: “I met Jenna a little over ten years ago. I got a bartending job and she was one of the best people to work with. She was very chill, but wouldn’t take crap from anybody. We would stay after work for a drink and that would usually lead to late night conversations. Our relationship remained friendly for years, but at some point, we started spending time together until we realized that we were into each other and started dating. We went through all the steps, moving in together, finishing school, buying a house.”

how they asked

Chad says: “I was ready to propose, but when Jenna came to me with the idea of a grand adventure I knew I had to wait. Proposing in Skye, one of the most beautiful places in the world, was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. While searching for a place to do the deed, I got the idea to get a photographer to discreetly capture the moment. Knowing it would be something that Jenna would love, I hired the first photographer I came across and all was well until they seemingly vanished altogether. Jenna’s plan had each day almost completely full, so much in fact that there was only one day available to go to Brother’s Point while we were in the Isle of Skye, so the date was set. We were at the airport the morning of our flight and I was a bit panicked, I knew I’d be proposing in just over a week and had still not heard from the photographer. That’s when I came across Euphoria Photography and sent them my short notice plea asking if they could save the day. Roz and Norma stayed in constant contact with me until we had all the details sorted out.

Where to Propose in Isle of Skye, Scotland

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Isle of Skye, Scotland

They even gave us directions to the agreed proposal location while they were posing as tourists. When the day came we started our hike and before long, the ladies had passed us and began discreetly snapping pictures. When we got to the end our walk (with a little help), I tried as hard as I could to say the words I had planned for the moment, a brief description of the concept of Koi No Yokan (the sense one can have upon first meeting a person that the two of you are going to fall in love, though different from love at first sight) and that I realized that I had felt it when we had first met. I told her she’s the most important person in the world to me, got on one knee to asked her to marry me. Jenna had no clue they had been taking pictures the whole time until after she had said yes. What happened after was surprising to me, a full-on photo shoot was beyond what I had expected. Needless to say, in the end, everything went better than I could have hoped.”

Jenna and Chad's Engagement in Isle of Skye, Scotland

Jenna says: So, in September 2018 we traveled to Scotland. I had everything planned out for each day of our trip. Everything. A friend of mine looked at our plans and asked me when we were going to have a “rest day”. After all, we were going for a total of 22 days and we’d probably need a rest. So I planned a “rest day” on September 13, which was our final day on the Isle of Skye (and in my opinion, the gem of our trip), and the last day in Scotland before traveling to Ireland. Chad found out about this designated rest day, and asked if he could plan a short hike, which was fine with me! (I like doing things). He picked out a spot called Brothers Point to hike to, which was said to be beautiful and not a big spot for tourists.

That morning, we got up early, I put on a toque (hat) and my coat and off we went to catch the bus. I was so tired, and we hadn’t had time to get coffee, and this walk to get to Brothers Point was wet.. and soggy. I was a little cranky. I’ll admit the views were breathtaking, and I was busy taking pictures (and trying to stay out of the pictures of the 2 other people who were there with their fancy cameras:) ). We made our way to the Point which looked out over the ocean and cliffs; it was stunning. That’s where Chad laid a knee in the grass and asked me to marry him. I said the first thing that came to mind, “hell yea”.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Isle of Skye, Scotland

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