Jenna and Casey

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How We Met

Where do I begin? Our story began 9 years ago, but it also began in elementary school. Me and Casey grew up together. Everything from sunday school in church, to middle school into high school. We didn’t necessarily have the same group of friends, but we always remained friendly with each other. It wasn’t until winter our sophomore year in high school when we ran into each other again. We got in touch through a mutual friend, I had recently lost someone close in my family and Casey had been through the same shortly before so after spending a night talking he thought that I could use some cheering up.

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What is one thing you do in the dead of winter in Minnesota? Ice fish. He brought me out one night after school and it’s safe to say I out-fished him. He definitely knew what he was doing because he had snacks for me, lots and lots of snacks. I was sold! On Valentines Day, he came to my house and cooked my favorite meal of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and we watched a ton of movies with tons of ice cream to put us in a coma. As he was getting ready to leave he looked at me and said, “will you go out with me?” I was the typical giddy 16 year old in that moment. That next year we did everything together – outdoor movies, fishing on the lake, snowmobiling, and went on each others family vacations.

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Over our junior year spring break, we spent the weekend on a four wheeling trip with his family and while we were on a trail with just the two of us, he took me over looking the river that ran next to the trail and looked at me and asked, “will you go to prom with me?” Throughout the years we have been through graduating high school, endless classes in college, living in 4 different houses together, adopting a dog together. We have grown up together – been through life’s ups and downs. Casey’s head on collision with a semi truck was a big one.

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We have spent 10 months apart when Casey had to move 350 miles away for work. But, everything that we have been through he has been that constant person by my side and we have gotten through everything that life has brought us.

how they asked

February 24th 2017 was our nine year anniversary. For me, I don’t need a special occasion to take a road trip. But, I thought celebrating nine years together – that was justified enough to take a weekend road trip. We hadn’t been to Duluth in a couple years so we thought where else would be perfect. A short three hour car ride to one of the prettiest places in Minnesota was just what we needed. We love car rides together so we spent that time singing everything from Eminem to the Frozen soundtrack. Before arriving to Duluth, we had to make a pit stop at Jay Cooke State Park and it was everything. Being that it was February, there weren’t a ton of people so we had the whole place to ourselves.

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The rest of the day we spent sightseeing around Duluth and eating Mexican food then spoiling ourselves with way too much dessert. I woke up the next day with Casey bringing me breakfast in bed with extra chocolate covered strawberries with over looking the Duluth Lift Bridge with Lake Superior’s morning dew. I could wake up to that every morning.

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I thought it would be a good idea to buy more chocolate covered strawberries so I went to the hotel lobby to grab cash but the ATM decided it would be a good idea to eat my debit card. The only way that I could get it back was a pair of pliers. So I definitely thought that it wasn’t a great start to the day. Casey reassured me that our adventure would make it better. Duluth has such an amazing scenic drive, so I was in no rush to get anywhere! I wanted to stop and see everything and anything. Casey on the other hand thought we should hurry so “we beat the crowd.” We arrived at now my most favorite place, ever. Split Rock Lighthouse in Two Harbors. And Casey was so right, we beat the rush. We got to see everything from every angle and really take in the views. He found a little quiet area that over looked the cliffs, so of course I needed pictures. As I am taking pictures upon pictures, I hear Casey say, “Jenna…” “Hold on!” I tell him “Jenna…” I snapped the last picture, “What?!” And I turned around. There he was. Down on one knee. Smiling. With the ring box. “I have been wanting to do this since I asked you out nine years ago. Being here with you makes me so happy. Jenna Kristin Wolff will you marry me?” Tears. So many Tears. “YES! Of course!” He stands up and hugs me tighter than ever. We both start crying. He holds my face and says, “you are my forever now!”

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Next year we will become Mr. and Mrs. 10 years later, we are going from a prom dress to a wedding dress. And I couldn’t be happier!