Jenna and Brock


How We Met

Brock and I met in his fraternity basement our freshman year of college. My sorority and his fraternity were “brother/sister” organizations which meant that our organizations spent a lot of time with one another. Our first year of school, we remained just friends!

Sophomore year, we began talking more and hanging out. We flirted like crazy and enjoyed being in each other’s company. We established pretty early on that we liked one another, but Brock made it clear that he would not date me until he knew that he could marry me. 3 long months later after a long winter break apart, we officially started our relationship.

how they asked

Brock spent 6 months planning and preparing for an “out of this world” proposal! He couldn’t express his love for me in words, so he decided to show it by creating an insane video.

Brock and I are not only best friends but we are also adventure buddies. We’ve traveled around the U.S. as well as to Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Iceland, & Colombia with one another. During our adventures, he made sure to capture special moments on video. He spent countless hours learning how to edit videos and then creating the perfect collage of our memories.

We also love to look up at the stars during the summer and we dream about flying to space. Brock tirelessly researched, calculated, built, and executed his plan to go to outer space. He built a kindle that would tell our story in space. He constructed a ring box that held a beautiful ring that would open and close at the perfect time.  He is truly a magnificent and determined man!

Several days later, we had the most perfect engagement. We were surrounded by a secluded tropical forest on Cabbage Key Island, Florida. It was the absolutely perfect proposal for us. I was blown away, had eyes full of tears, and a grin from ear to ear… I get to marry the man of my dreams.


Our Video

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