Jenna and Brian

How We Met: We met in the summer of 2007 at a friends party. We instantly had a connection and spent the rest of the night dancing and talking at a local bar after the party. Soon after, we went on our first date to Islands of Adventure (picture attached). Even on our first date you can see the love growing between us. (I’m so glad I took so many pictures that day! It’s awesome to look back at them now almost 8 years later!) We became officially a couple on August 25, 2007.

Image 5 of Jenna and Brian

how they asked: I had been counting down the days to my last final exam ever for my Masters degree for about 9 months. I was SO excited to be done with school and have my MBA. On April 29, after a long day at work, I went straight to UCF to take my final exam. After I finished it, my classmates and I went to a local bar for a drink to celebrate.

Little did I know, Brian had been waiting for me to get home to surprise me. I finally got home around 10 pm and he said he had an early graduation/birthday present for me (my birthday was the next day on April 30). He lead me down the hallway in our home and was shocked to see a collage of photos of us throughout the last 8 years. I started to tear up.

Image 6 of Jenna and Brian

I asked him what frame would go at the end of the collage (you could tell one was missing) and he said it was in the bedroom.

Image 1 of Jenna and Brian

I walk into the bedroom and there was candles, rose petals, and a huge frame of a bride/groom.

Image 2 of Jenna and Brian

As soon as I saw it, he dropped to his knee and proposed. He said that he too had been counting down to this day, April 29 and that he is so excited to start a new countdown together to our wedding date. Through tears, I said yes!

Image 7 of Jenna and Brian

After this huge surprise proposal, he surprised me even further by videoing the whole thing (had his cell phone propped up on the nightstand.) I love watching it again and again. It was a magical fairytale night.

Image 3 of Jenna and Brian

Image 4 of Jenna and Brian