Jenna and Brian

how we met

Brian and I have grown up together as close family friends. We spend many times over the years playing as kids and spending time with our families. It was evident that both of our parents wanted us together. Brian’s dad would make comments to him like “that Jenna has grown up to be pretty young lady” and “you know who’s single? Jenna.” For my family, it was less in my face, but when I broke up with my ex boyfriend, my dad told my mom “oh great! Now we can get back to Plan A: Brian.”

Trying to ignore our parents comments, we liked each other at different times while growing up. He even DM’d me on Facebook in 2013 to get my phone number. He later told me he stopped messaging me because he didn’t think I would like someone like him. I clearly did, but nothing happened.

how they asked

Years had passed and we were both single. Brian joined the Air Force and I was in college. He added me on Snapchat and from then on, we’ve talked almost everyday since then. With Brian living in Montana and me in Michigan, distance was a great barrier. Fortunately, I was able to move to Montana during the summer before my senior year. We experienced real life and knew life together is what we wanted. He proposed in Kalispell, Montana on our Christmas gift weekend together. We are excited for our lives to become one and create many more amazing memories.