Jenna and Brian

How We Met

Brian and I met through work. We clicked talking about music and our love for our favorite band. Our favorite is going all over to see and hear music. We love to laugh and be around each other and we are so excited to spend the rest of our lives together.

how they asked

New Year’s Eve we took the train to NYC with friends to see Phish perform at Madison Square Garden. We were out all night and didn’t get home until almost 4am. A couple of hours later, we woke up to grab some coffee. It was a sunny and slightly warmer day for January so he asked if I wanted to take a walk in our favorite park. I threw my hair back, threw water on my tired face, slipped into my sweats and slippers and we headed out. We were both exhausted but we wanted some fresh air. We walked up the hill and I noticed him looking around. I didn’t think anything of it and before I realized what was happening, he was down on one knee asking me to marry him. I was shocked and couldn’t feel my legs, I couldn’t believe what was happening. I immediately said “YES!”. He slipped the ring on my finger and it was the most perfect day. Our proposal picture is the exact opposite of everything else you see and I love that. My hair was messy, no makeup, the same clothes I slept in and my nails weren’t done. I’m so glad he caught me off guard and kept this moment strictly between us. He had asked my Mom a couple of days before and that meant so much to me. He’s always had my heart and I’m so glad we get to spend the rest of our lives together.

Image 1 of Jenna and Brian