Jenna and Brett

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How We Met

Yes… we are high school sweethearts. We meet when I was in grade 10 and Brett in Grade 11. Although I had gotten glimpses of Brett before then… he was never the quiet shy one in high school, that was me. I guess where it all starts I at a high school dance, when he asked me to dance. I said yes and then proceeded to run away. And I guess that made him more interested… The next month he kept asking me to go for lunch or go “cruising” at lunch. (In a small town, that was the thing to do) Finally I said yes. We had such a fun time throughout High school. And now, 10 years later we are happier than ever.

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how they asked

It was probably one of the most exciting days of my life so far…

It was the day we were setting out for a 6 month adventure traveling the United States in our 1973 VW van. We packed up our last minute things in the dark of the morning into Tiger Lily, our new little tiny home on wheels. Then went over to the house for a coffee and to say our goodbyes to the family.

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As we hugged, said our goodbyes and got our picture taken I was tearing up, filled with sadness of leaving everyone but mostly excitement and fear for what our trip might hold.

We pulled out of the drive way in the dim morning light and right away Brett pulls over. “We should check the oil and the signal lights before we go”

Brett jumped out and ran around behind the bus to check the oil. So I grabbed the dirty oil rag and walked back there too. As I came around I noticed Brett was knelled down, then I looked at the engine compartment and was confused why he hadn’t opened it yet. I looked back and noticed he was holding a little round thing! First response was me giving him a glare like, don’t be dumb.

The second I realized the look in his eyes and the nervous shake in his body, I jumped back! Shocked! He had 100% surprised me!

I think the only word he got out while he was down on one knee was “sooo…”

As I burst into the happiest tears he jumped up, ” will you marry me?”

“Yes!”, I blubbered through my tears of joy.

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Special Thanks

Raelene Schulmeister
 | Photographer