Jenna and Bob

How We Met

Bob and I started dating right before we left for college, but we actually met one weekend freshman year of high school. I was hanging out at my friend Nicole’s house when our friend Mark brought Bob over to hang out. I remember instantly having a crush on Bob (and his long blonde hair), but never saw him again after that weekend. Senior year of high school I decided that I was going to go Saint Joseph’s University and I couldn’t wait for the next chapter of life. While I was figuring out the most important details of college (what color my decorations were going to be, of course), I received a random friend request from Bob on Facebook and thought to myself what are the chances. He thought I was someone else, but we instantly realized that we actually met a few years back and kept talking for the months that followed. Bob was also going to be attending Saint Joseph’s University, so we were both excited to know more people going into our first year. We both finished up our senior year and eagerly talked about what college was going to be like. Bob asked me out a bunch of times, and at the end of summer, I finally agreed to go on the date. The rest was history. We dated all through college and the 5 years after. We always knew we’d be together so things just felt easy.

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how they asked

Almost a year ago (August 2016), the conversation of engagement became serious and I remember the exact moment Bob told me “we’ll be engaged by next summer”. I always knew he was it, but I instantly started crying. For the next 11 months I was suspicious of everything. Every weekend I swore this could be it, but Bob was really good at throwing me off. The weekend we got engaged was no different. We had plans to go to one of our favorite low-key shore spots for dinner on a Saturday, but Bob changed his mind. He told me he made reservations in Cape May, to dress up and we were leaving at 7:15. A few months earlier I secretly bought an outfit that I loved in case Bob proposed. I obsessed over what to wear and decided I hated everything else and put that on. Even in my gut I had a feeling that this night could finally be the night. We finished getting ready and Bob’s dad asked him to come help him with something with the house up the street. He told me he’d call me when he was outside and we would leave.

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While I waited, Bob’s mom, Vicki, called me hysterically crying saying she thought she broke her ankle on the beach and no one was answering their phone (the boys never answer the phone so I wasn’t surprised). She asked me to bring her ice and get to the beach to help her. I couldn’t find ice so I grabbed a bag of frozen broccoli and raced out the door. All I was thinking was Bob’s going to be so mad if we didn’t make dinner and he actually planned on proposing there. Once I got to the beach, I parked illegally, ran up to the beach, and started scanning the horizon for Vicki.

As soon as I saw Bob I lost it, I froze, and was hysterically crying (think Kim K crying face). I don’t think I moved for a solid minute. Somehow Bob got me to come over to where he was and he got down on one knee (after tossing the frozen broccoli to the side). It was the most magical moment of my life, but somehow things got better. We went back to the house and he surprised me with our family and friends for a night of celebrating.

I never felt so much love and emotion in my life (I think I cried for hours). It was worth the wait for sure and I’ll never look at frozen broccoli the same way again.