Jenna and Austin

how we met

Jenna and Austin were set up by her friend and boyfriend (Austin’s roommate). She was so nervous when she met him because he was much cuter than his picture! Austin was very focused on the things from his past in Texas and his goals for his future. He kept her at a distance and didn’t really want to let her in.

They started talking about his motorcycle and she begged him for a ride. She ran to her car and pulled out her “just in case I get to ride a motorcycle” helmet and that was it. Jenna intrigued him. She was the first girl to ever ride on the back of his bike. He was hooked at that point and wanted to get to know her more. Jenna hadn’t mentioned her daughter much the entire night, so she was scared because they are a packaged deal. She brought Jasmine to a get together at a friend’s house to see how they interacted.

They ran, and played, chased each other, and he tossed her around in the air for 2 hours. Jasmine was so happy, he was so happy, and Jenna’s heart just melted. Right then and there, Jenna knew he was the one and told her friend that she had a feeling she was going to marry him.

how they asked

Austin and Jenna would joke about proposing to each other for about a month before it actually happened. One night, they were sitting together on the couch just talking and joking around. Austin said, “We could just get married”. Thinking he was joking like they usually do, Jenna replied, “Did you just ask me to marry you?” Expecting him to say no like he always does, instead he said yes. Surprised, Jenna answered, “No way, you can’t be because you don’t have a ring and you are not down on your knee!” Then, he got up, grabbed her ring out of his wallet, got down and one knee, and asked her again. “Will you marry me?” Jenna said yes. He told her after that none of it was planned at all. He just couldn’t jokingly say no any longer and had to say yes, he seriously wanted to marry her.

Jenna’s engagement ring and soon to be wedding band were his mother’s. Two months before he asked Jenna to marry him, Austin told his mom that she was the one. He was talking to her about where to get a ring and what it should look like, but she had a better idea. She offered for Austin to give Jenna her original engagement ring and wedding band, and Austin gratefully accepted.

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