Jenn and Terry


How we met: Terry and I were actually set up by a mutual friend. I had just moved home to Michigan, and he had just moved home from Pittsburgh. I remember by friend calling me after seeing Terry at wedding and she said “I’m not even kidding…I found the perfect guy for you! You have to meet him.” She said the same to Terry at the wedding about me. I never really liked the idea of being set up, and neither did Terry. But a week later, August 29th 2013, I got a text from Terry asking if I wanted to meet up him up at a coffee shop. I really had no idea how this was going to go. I remember driving to Starbucks and feeling a little skeptical about this blind date I was about to go on. Little did I know that I was meeting the man I was going to marry one day. That still blows me away :)

I walked into Starbucks and there he was sitting at a table for two, with a huge beard and a navy crew neck on (he still remembers what I was wearing as well…hehe). He greeted me with a hug, which I was very relieved about. I knew a man who greeted me with a handshake just wasn’t for me ;) He bought my coffee, and we sat at that table for three hours.  I think we could have stayed way longer, but the coffee shop was closing. We shared stories, dreams, likes & dislikes. We had way more in common than I think either of us has expected. He walked me out to my car, gave me a hug goodbye and told me that he had a really nice time. I gave him a smile and said that I did too. I will never forget that day that we met. We both walked into this coffee shop thinking “lets just give this a try”, and we both left knowing that something beautiful was going to come of this.

how they asked: Terry called me on a Monday and told me that his dad had given him a gift card he got from work to a five star restaurant in Downtown Detroit called “The Whitney”. He asked if I would like to get all dressed up on Thursday night and take advantage of a fancy & free meal with him. Of course I wouldn’t decline that. Thursday night rolled around and I found myself spending the longest time getting myself ready for this date. I remember walking into my sisters room multiple times asking if I looked okay. Before I left I said to my her “I bet he is going to take me on all of these fancy dates just to throw me off for the day he’s going to propose.” Little did I know that it was coming that evening. He came to the door with a beautiful bouquet of flowers & we made our way to the restaurant. We had a lovely seat right by a large window. We enjoyed an amazing meal together and couldn’t keep ourselves from laughing the whole time.

After dinner, he asked if we could go visit Belle Isle because they had just turned the fountain back on for the first time in thirty years. We arrived to Belle Isle, and as soon as we got out of the car I gave Terry and hug and noticed that his heart was beating so fast! But I didn’t say anything about it, which is very much out of character for me. We walked over to the fountain and I sat my purse down and got comfortable. He asked if we could go over the other side. I was so confused as to why we had to sit on the other side. He had a secret photographer hidden behind the bushed on the other side of the fountain, so he was trying to wean me over there without being too obvious. At this point I was still very obviously as to what was going on. We grabbed our stuff and moved to the other side.

As we sat down, Terry pulled a note out of his back pocket. I was so surprised because he doesn’t write notes very often, but still…I thought nothing of it.


I opened the letter and inside were sweet and simple words expressing that he had finally found the perfect words to show how much I meant to him. I look to the left and there he is down on one knee.


In that moment, everything I felt for him became stronger. I knew that this was going to be the easiest question I would ever answer.


Nothing else mattered in that moment. It was just us & our love for another. Just when I thought the surprises were over, our lovely friend and photographer popped out from the bushes. She brought out a bottle of sparkling cider and we celebrated!



I couldn’t have imagined it any other way. This day was an absolute dream & he is more than I could have ever hoped for.



Photos by: Elissa Ribant